The Rudest Things You Can Do At The Doctor’s Office

“Respect personal space,” Claytor said. “For sanitary reasons and to avoid the spread of germs, it is important to follow social-distancing guidelines.”

If there are plenty of empty chairs available, don’t choose one right next to someone. If it’s crowded, don’t take up more than one seat. 

“Be thoughtful and don’t commandeer more than one waiting room chair,” Claytor said. “If you have done so and someone else needs the seat, remove your belongings and offer the now vacant chair to that person.”

She warned against putting your feet up on the seats. 

“Your footwear is dirty and doesn’t belong on the waiting room seats,” Claytor said. “It’s impossible to know what nasty substances your shoes have picked up. No one wants the dirt from the streets transferred to their clothing.”

It’s OK to bring a companion or advocate to your appointment, but avoid arriving with a full-on entourage if possible. 

“Having too many people accompany a patient to an office visit is disruptive to the staff and other people with poor health,” Claytor added.

Arriving Unprepared

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