The Rudest Things You Can Do In Someone Else’s House

“Refrain from peeking in cabinets and cupboards,” Smith advised. 

Of course, it’s natural to be a little curious, and we’ve seen this exact behavior in countless movies. But resist the urge to look inside the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

“Beware that some hosts put glass marbles in their medicine cabinets to catch snoopers in the act,” Leighton said. “The marbles will ping around the bathroom and make a lot of noise for your host and all other guests to hear.”

6. Bringing an uninvited plus-one

“Never show up with an unexpected plus one,” Gottsman said. 

Sure, you might know the host loves hanging out with your cousin, or you think everyone will enjoy meeting the new guy you’re seeing. But that doesn’t mean you can extend an invitation without getting the go-ahead.

Unless you were explicitly told that you may bring a plus-one (or plus-five), always ask before bringing anyone else into someone’s home. Even if it’s a casual gathering, shoot the host a quick text to make sure. 

7. Waiting to share dietary restrictions

“If you have been invited for a meal, any dietary restrictions should be shared well in advance, not when you sit down at the table,” Smith noted. 

Don’t just expect the meal to be vegan-friendly or not contain any of your allergens. Tell the host as soon as possible about any limitations you may have (and stick to actual limitations, not preferences).

8. Feeding the dog

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