Things Women Think About That Men Don’t

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“I am constantly aware of cars that follow behind me, especially when it’s dark outside. Not such a big deal on interstates/highways or major city streets, but when I’m on less highly traveled streets or in my neighborhood, I pay attention to any car that stays behind me for too long, in resident areas in particular.”

“Also, I’ve been told since I was old enough to drive that I should never, EVER pull over for a car using police lights unless it’s in a heavily populated area/road. A family member is a police officer and said that the safest thing to do is slow down, activate hazard (flashing lights), and then pull over someplace public, like a gas station or store parking lot. He said that even if the officer trying to pull you over is legit, they should understand what you did once you explain yourself.

PS: I recognize that this might come with its own risks (particularly for a non-white person in the US).”


“And I’m sure they told you that if someone IS following you, do not drive home, drive to a police station. I’ve been followed in my car before, and confirmed it when I made a sudden left turn from the middle lane (the road was empty) and saw them go up to the next street and u-turn. I fortunately ended up losing them in a neighborhood I turned into before they could see me. It was terrifying.”


Elements photos

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