This Classic ’90s Shoe Brand Is Still Making Mega-Comfy Styles

This Classic '90s Shoe Brand Is Still Making Mega-Comfy Styles

Shopping manager editor, Emily Ruane frequently rocks this classic style of Danskos to the office, saying they’re ideal for walking, commuting, and riding her bike all over New York. She’s worn them through multiple pregnancies, rain storms, and more formal events where high heels were just not going to happen. 

“They’re the kind of shoe that I never think about when I have them on,” she says. “When I am wearing them, my feel feel simultaneously completely supported and like I’m wearing nothing. I also like wearing them in inclement weather because they have the slightest platform, which can help when navigating subway puddles and the like.”

Ruane says she wears these Danskos with or without socks and finds even the dressier styles to be pretty slip-proof. The darker hues and patterns are easy to dress up for formal events, while some of the more vibrant and whimsical options are great for errands, weekends, or fun days with kids. 

If you’re looking for clogs to wear to work, Dr. Tulpule recommends something with a closed back for additional support as you’re moving. Jacquelyn Coles Bielich, a registered nurse and clinical specialist at Medtronic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania said this style is the only thing she’ll wear on her 12-hour shifts. 

Get them from Amazon for $134.95 (available in sizes 4.5–13, with wide options, and a variety of styles).

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