This Guy’s Viral Response To Demoted Podcast Was A Skit

This Guy's Viral Response To Demoted Podcast Was A Skit

A few hours after Alexandre’s video was posted, Natalie shared a video in response, writing in the caption, “Want to clarify that Alexandre is in no way affiliated with us, but completely agree with the points he’s bringing up. You should absolutely NOT be going into work when you aren’t being compensated for it.”

She starts her response by explaining why the original was taken down, saying, “First things first, we made the decision to take down the video so it’s no longer there. We got a lot of heat, and rightfully so. It was getting vicious in the comments, so we decided to take it down. To be clear, we fully deserved this heat.”

On a call with BuzzFeed, she clarified that when she made her response video, she had believed that viewers were more upset with her initial reaction to the reader’s message. Only later did she realize how many people were taking Alexandre’s video at face value.

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