What is BITFLEX and is BITFLEX Best for Perpetual Swaps Trading?

What is BITFLEX and is BITFLEX Best for Perpetual Swaps Trading?

BITFLEX is a cryptocurrency advanced trading platform that allows many traders to start their trading journey while specializing in perpetual swaps. Perpetual swaps are a form of derivative contract that allows many traders to specialize and speculate on the future price of any asset, without having to own them. They are quite similar in terms of features to traditional futures contracts, apart from some features that make it a lucrative option for many traders. Perpetual swaps do not come with an expiration date. This means that traders can hold perpetual swaps positions for as long as they want to.

BITFLEX offers a wide range of contracts related to perpetual swaps on popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Atom, Polkadot, Solana and BNB. The platform also offers ample leverage, allowing traders to enhance their positions for earning profits and losses.

What are Perpetual Swaps?

Perpetual swaps are also known as perpetual futures or perpetual contracts, a type of derivative product that allows traders to speculate on price movements of cryptocurrencies without any need to own the underlying asset. Such contracts are designed to copy the price of the underlying asset and its settled prices periodically, usually every eight hours, to ensure that they closely track the asset’s market price.

Why Are Perpetual Swaps So Attractive for Traders?

A most significant advantage that is associated with the trading of perpetual swaps is its ability to incorporate leverage. Leverage allows traders to control their positions and aim for higher returns by using a small amount of capital. For example, if a platform offers 10x leverage a trader can control a position size that is ten times of initial investment.

24/7 Market Access

Crypto market is operating 24/7, while perpetual swaps are no exception. Unlike traditional financial markets, that have opening and closing hours, the perpetual swaps market is always active. Its round-the-clock availability makes it easily accessible to every type of trader. This further helps in determining market news, and price movements, as they happen to provide flexibility and opportunities for profit at all hours.

No Expiration Dates

Unlike traditional futures contracts, perpetual swaps do not have expiration dates. This means that traders can hold their positions for an indefinite period if they carry sufficient margin to cover potential losses. This feature also eliminates the need to roll over and re-enter positions, reducing trading costs and friction.

Liquidity and Tight Spreads

Perpetual swaps markets also have higher liquidity with a substantial number of participants actively trading. High liquidity can result in tight bid ask-spreads, thus reducing the cost of entering and exiting the positions. The traders can execute large orders with minimal slippage, further enhancing the trading experience.

Tools for Risk Management

Perpetual swaps platform offers various risk management tools to help many traders protect their capital. Such tools may include stopping loss orders and take profit traders, trailing stops further allowing traders to automate their exit strategies.

Diverse Trading Strategies

Traders can use a wide range of trading strategies, while trading perpetual swaps, including scalping, day trading, swing trading and hedging. The flexibility offered by such instruments allows traders to adapt their strategies for different market conditions and timeframes.

Hedging and Risk Mitigation

Perpetual swaps can also be used to mitigate risks and hedging. For example, a Bitcoin miner concerned about price volatility can use Bitcoin perpetual swaps to hedge against potential price drops. This can help to stabilize the revenue stream and protect against losses caused by adverse price movements.

Accessibility to Retail Traders

Perpetual swaps have low entry barriers as compared to some other financial instruments. This accessibility makes them suitable to both experienced traders and newcomers of crypto market. Many exchangers offer user friendly interfaces and educational resources to help traders get started.

Competitive Fees

Various crypto exchanges offer perpetual swaps with competitive fee structures. This means that traders can keep more of their profits and reduce overall trading costs.


In short, perpetual swaps offer a compelling set of advantages that make them an excellent choice for many traders in crypto market. From leverage and 24/7 availability to risk management tools as well as diverse trading strategies, such derivative products provide many traders with the required tools to navigate into the volatile crypto markets. However, it is important to remember that potential for higher rewards comes an increased level of risk, so traders must approach perpetual swaps with a clear trading plan and risk management strategy to maximise the chances of success.


BITFLEX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers traders a secure, easy-to-use, and convenient way to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.  Our platform has been designed with investors of all levels in mind, whether they are just starting out or experienced traders. We offer various features and tools to help users make the best trading decisions possible, including advanced charting and analytics, real-time market data, and various customisable trading interfaces. At BITFLEX, we are dedicated to empowering our users and helping them reach their financial goals.

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