Woman Takes Vacation Without Her Husband

Woman Takes Vacation Without Her Husband

Most people said that the original poster (OP) was not an A-hole.

“NTA. I don’t know what your husband’s deal is, but he acted like a real asshole. I don’t know if he deliberately sabotaged the trip or just didn’t care enough to follow through on his tiny piece of things, but you were absolutely right to not let him ruin the trip for you, and he sure as hell shouldn’t be booking an expensive plane ticket to come join you now. I hope he’ll be ready with a massive apology when you get home.” 


“IDK WTF is up with this line of thinking [waiting for the ticket prices to drop]. In my experience, the closer the flight is the more expensive the tickets are. For the cheapest tickets you really need to book as far out as you can. Waiting until the last minute is just asking to pay a massive premium…”


“He absolutely did not want to go and blames it on you for not cancelling. He’s the A-hole. Go have fun OP. Make the best out of your trip!”


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