You Deserve Products That Really And Truly Work, So Here Are 51 That Fit The Bill

I have the Simple Modern one too, and it’s great for being at home and drinking water at the perfect temp. *But* if you’re worried about leaking AT ALL (or prefer a metal + silicone combo straw to plastic), the Brumate Era is 100% wizardry, sorcery, and magic. It claims to keep ice for over 24 hours — I’ve had cold water stay COLD for ages in this bottle! The tapered base is also cupholder friendly, and the whole darn thing is dishwasher safe, too! Let me tell you, this is my new favorite water bottle. I can lock the lid with a quick twist, and throw it LITERALLY SIDEWAYS in any tote and not even think *twice* about it leaking at all! And…if you’ve seen some of those videos about hidden mold in certain lids…know that this disassembles incredibly easily, so you can just toss the pieces in the dishwasher.

Promising review: “As a nurse, I know we are picky and loyal to brands of pens and water bottles. I’ve had a Stanley, Owala, and a giant Hydrojug. This tops them all! I had ice from over 24 hours left! It fits in my car cup holder, the handle is sturdy, the straw breaks down easily for cleaning, and it’s TRULY leakproof! Yeah, the straw is exposed, but I just wipe it down with little alcohol wipes from work before I drink from it. Those who say the lid is hard to get off, you have to turn the lid to drink mode to unseal the lid, and then you can turn it. LOVE THIS!” —Dani

Get the 40-ounce size from Amazon for $44.99 (available in 12 colors, plus a 30-ounce size).

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