You’ll Feel Like A Pet Parenting Wizard Thanks To These 30 Products

Promising reviews: “I really like this carrier; I have a smaller cat, so she’s able to stand in it. I like how you can fold it down, making it easy to store. It’s great for vet visits or for travel. Mesh is really breathable, and it opens from the top and the side, making it easy for the cat. I like that it has two strap options and that you can store stuff in the pocket. The bedding in the bottom has a cover that can come off and be washed in case the cat has an accident. There’s a clip on the inside that you can hook to a collar or harness if you want to open the top and make it feel more spacious for the cat.” —Carol Fredrickson

“It’s perfect! Love how it has two straps (one small and one big), and it’s a good size for my bunny 🙂 He fits perfectly and can move around in it. (He is 4 pounds.) Overall 10/10!” —juarez

Moved my 2-year-old bearded dragon. This thing was great. It held up to him being a wild spider dragon on top of it. He pooed in there, and it didn’t seep out, and the top-open function allowed me to use a dog mess bag to clean it up and keep a hand on the wheel. Anyone who owns a dragon knows you don’t want to be stuck in a car with that stench. I had him set up in the passenger seat with the butt warmer on under him, and my temp gun said 86 every time I scanned, which was good for the drive. Had a 22-pound cat in the back, one ball python, and five frogs in the floor up front. A WILD bunch, but thanks to proper planning and dual climate controls, everyone survived the trip. Buy this thing.” —Octobervibes2018

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

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