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Ordering food isn’t a very difficult task—in fact, food delivery apps make things a bit too easy (my bank account is feeling the pain this month). But, as always, Amazon is taking convienence a step further; you can now order Panera Bread from an Echo Show smart display.

The Echo Show already allows you to order Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s. With the addition of Panera Bread, Amazon is finally breaking out of the pizza zone and giving you a new reason to talk to Alexa.

If you’ve tried ordering pizza through Echo Show, you’ll know that the experience is a bit clunky and outdated. Ordering Panera should be a more enjoyable process, as Amazon is using updated AI that allows you to customize individual items within your order using voice commands. (You can also track an order’s progress or reorder an item that you previously purchased.)

Of course, you can also use touchscreen controls. Bear in mind that the Panera ordering process requires a MyPanera account, which you need to connect to Alexa from your smartphone. You may also need to connect a payment method and address to MyPanera if you haven’t already.

To test this integration, simply ask your Echo Show to “order Panera Bread.” Note that this feature requires an Echo Show smart display—it doesn’t work with an Echo Dot speaker or the Alexa app, for example.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Look up recipes, play music, make video and phone calls, or even order food with Amazon’s Echo Show 8 smart display.

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