13 Reality Dating Show Secrets From Contestants

13 Reality Dating Show Secrets From Contestants


“I was on The Undateables in 2018 just before graduating from university; while I didn’t find love, I still had a good time with it. The people working on it genuinely care and want the dates and stories to be a success. There are character traits taken (with me, it was loving hugs and being honest to a fault) and edited, so it looks like that’s all there is to you when it really isn’t. I wasn’t mad at how I was portrayed, but I’m definitely more pessimistic with a darker sense of humor.”

“As for behind the scenes, there was a surprising amount of footage edited out, which I understand, but it’s sh*t considering the number of takes I had to do walking into a hairdresser’s and asking about an appointment. I also questioned the producer about the title of The Undateables, and he explained that it’s already copyrighted, so to change it would be confusing.”


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