15 Foods That Are Better And Cheaper Homemade Than Store Bought

Redditor u/hurrellster asked, “What are some things that you just don’t understand people buying from stores when you can make much more, much better, for far cheaper at home?” As a generally bad (and often lazy) cook, I was pretty curious what little things I could start making in my day-to-day life to bring dinner to a whole new level. So, without further ado, here are 15 of the suggestions people shared:

Note: As many redditors have pointed out in the original thread, these examples are not to discredit how useful pre-prepared foods are to those who are disabled or have a super packed schedule. There’s nothing wrong with buying these from the store — we all do (I say, with a jar of pasta sauce literally sitting on my counter right now). There’s no shame in it! Think of these as simply helpful suggestions of foods that — with the right resources and time — people found to be much tastier and more cost-effective for them.

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