16 Differences Between The ‘Percy Jackson’ Book And TV Adaptation

Okay, WOW. This scene was done so much better than I could have ever imagined. 

In the book, Luke leads Percy into a pit scorpion trap and reveals that he was the one who stole the bolt all along. Percy gets stung by the scorpion, and he’s affected by its poison as Luke gets away. 

In the show, this scene is a lot longer and carries a lot more weight. When the trio returns to camp from their quest, they truly believe that Clarisse was the one who was working with Kronos. But when Luke and Percy are alone in the woods, Percy pieces together that it was Luke.

Luke reveals everything and even tries to recruit Percy to the cause. Though there is no scorpion pit, I like that Luke didn’t have a premeditated plan because he truly thought that he could sway Percy.

Luke reveals how his sword, Backbiter, can open portals, and tells Percy to come with him so that they can get revenge on the gods. Hurt and shocked, Percy declines Luke’s offer, and the two begin fighting. Percy is able to cut Luke, but Luke returns the hit and knocks Percy down. Before Luke can further hurt Percy, Annabeth reveals herself. She was there the whole time wearing her invisibility cap, and she raises the same blade Luke had given her when they were children together against him to defend Percy. Filled with hurt and betrayal, Annabeth grinds out, “I heard everything.” 

I think putting Annabeth there when Luke exposes himself just makes everything hurt way more. It was said earlier in the season that Luke was essentially taking care of Annabeth ever since she ran away from home when she was 7. Luke sees Annabeth as a little sister, and Annabeth even defends Luke in front of Hermes. Seeing Annabeth choose to go against him not only displays how much her friendship with Percy has developed but also showcases Annabeth’s strength and integrity.

On Luke’s end, his betrayal makes a lot more sense in the show. Not that it didn’t in the book, but the show was able to give us more insight into just how the gods and goddesses treat their children and how truly screwed up the Olympian family dynamic is. Like, I honestly don’t blame Luke, LOL. Unfortunately, he just went about it the wrong way, and now everyone is sad and hurt! 

Overall, this scene was excellent and a perfect setup for the next season!

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