17 Books That Changed Our Lives

17 Books That Changed Our Lives

“People shit on it often but I read it just after a horrendous breakup while working an overnight shift. The sheer horror I felt reading the book the way I did, plus the distraction I got from the book helped me move on from the breakup and I became entranced with horror literature. 

Soon after I was frequenting my local indie bookstore and reading all the horror I could. A few months later I get a job at that bookstore co-running the horror section. Soon after that I took over the antiquarian room and learned the ins and outs of rare book selling. 

I began talking to many horror authors and became entrenched in that scene. I’ve recently taken a job which will pay for my masters degree, so I’ll be going back to school to become a librarian. In hopefully two years or so I’ll be a librarian. All because I randomly grabbed House of Leaves one day.”


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