26 Korean Beauty Products That Really Deliver Results

26 Korean Beauty Products That Really Deliver Results

Each mask features a different kind of essence, such as green tea, aloe, or pearl, so they each target slightly different skin concerns.

Promising reviews: “My must have item. Helps with redness, scarring, uneven skin tone, dryness — it’s pure magic. I use them every day. And there is usually some liquid at the bottom of the bag that I put on my legs and hiney to help with cellulite and spider veins. All time favorite skincare product so far. Love love love. I am broke as a joke which is why the $11 price tag is so beautiful.” —Katie

These masks are an incredible bargain! They all have the same basic ingredients, which are excellent, and each mask has a different specific ingredient for skin smoothing, moisturizing, pigmentation…you name it! They are made in Korea and contain excellent ingredients. I slap one on for 20 minutes every morning after washing my face, before the rest of my routine. They are very moisturizing, and they’re absolutely dripping in serum.” —Daba

Get a set of 16 from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in more multipacks and two styles).

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