17 Cake Disasters That Maybe Should've Just Been Left In The Oven

17 Cake Disasters That Maybe Should've Just Been Left In The Oven

1. This horsey that may need some dental work.

2. This hedgehog that looks like it has teeth to spare.

3. This cake whose decorator moonlights as a comedian.

4. This cake that went through a vulgar transformation in the oven.

5. This poor cake decorator whose never seen Minnie Mouse.

6. And this cake decorator who asked the last decorator what Minnie Mouse looked like and went from there.

7. This icing work that’s highly impressive, but with an application of candy eyes that I just can’t quite support.

8. This critter doesn’t look like a monkey, but I’d still give it a hug.

9. This Baby Yoda that looks like he’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

10. This artistic interpretation of Drake.

11. This cake that’s very well done, but it’s waaaaay too soon.

12. This Cinderella and her devilish eyebrows.

14. This dinosaur who looks like it needed a little bit of head support.

15. This school bus cake that honestly makes me wonder if there’s a practical use case for candy eyeballs.

16. This confused cake decorator who copied a message in the wrong way.

17. Finally, this shark, who I laugh at harder the longer I look at it.

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