17 Marriage Opinions Men


“I don’t believe in the institution, and quite frankly am a bit upset by it being a societal expectation and ‘requirement.’ I think it’s an outdated concept, and that there should be ways to achieve the legal benefits it rewards without undergoing the act of getting married. What angers me the most is that people ask you ‘why are you guys just boyfriend and girlfriend, and not married yet?’ It’s like I as the man have to spend thousands of euros/dollars on a ring and undergo a bloody ritual just for the sake of getting on with our lives. When in fact, I am already 100% committed for life. People somehow view being engaged/married as this elevated state of partnership that is superior to being just partners.”

“I can respect the whole celebrating the commitment for one another. That’s a good enough reason if that’s the main draw, and I can 100% get behind that. But the idea that a marriage somehow makes people more committed is utter bull, and I’m so tired of it. 

People cheat, people get divorced, people marry people they shouldn’t marry, people don’t really know their partners as well as they think. Millions of reasons may still lead married people to a divorce, so I really don’t see the point.”


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