17 People Who Broke Up Couples

17 People Who Broke Up Couples


And, “My dad’s girlfriend has broken up my fiancé and I twice. We used to live/work with them on and off while we were both in school. The first time we broke things off, she tried to convince my fiancé that I was some deadbeat asshole. I admit my priorities weren’t where they should’ve been (I was working two jobs, including one with them, and was a full-time student). After breaking things off, my fiancé and I talked about what happened, and decided we just needed a step back to reflect. We did well for a few years, but then my dad’s girlfriend convinced my fiancé that she was bipolar (possibly schizophrenic).”

“She’d go to my fiancé’s doctors’ appointments with her and prescribed her with an ever-changing cocktail of meds. It turns out it’s hard to find the right balance of meds when you’re treating a mental illness you don’t have. 

My dad’s girlfriend also convinced my fiancé she could never be a mother and should get a hysterectomy (luckily the doctors refused). When the idea was discussed with me, I was confused because my fiancé always wanted kids (but my dad’s girlfriend made it clear I didn’t have a say). We felt stuck.

This all culminated in my fiancé having a mental breakdown (understandably so) and asked to be brought to a mental health facility. While there, my dad’s girlfriend decided that my fiancé had ‘abandoned us,’ and that I needed to break up with her. Emotions were high, and I knew I couldn’t let my fiancé come back, but I couldn’t think of any other way to get her out, so I reluctantly broke things off.

Narcissism is a hell of a thing.”


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