19 Industry Secrets Most People Don’t Know


“Just because a store-brand product and a name-brand product are made in the same factory doesn’t mean they’re the same. People believe that there are no differences between the recipes and that the same stuff is just put into a different box. That it’s the same ingredients on the same production line. That’s not true.”

“Each brand asks the factory to make the product at a particular price point. A luxury brand might want the product to cost $4 a unit but the store brand might want it for $2. The factory will tailor the recipe to the price point, substituting expensive ingredients for cheaper ones, eliminating an ingredient, altering the manufacturing process to require fewer people or equipment, or eliminating intermediate quality control steps.

Sure, there might not be a detectable difference between some products, and other products might actually be identical to the point that spending more for a better brand isn’t worth it. But a lot of products are noticeably different even if they are made on the same production line by the same people.” 


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