19 Men Who Weaponized The Heck Out Of Their Incompetence


“There is a great Instagram account with a guy who points out these kinds of things, and as a ‘recovering manchild,’ he really nails how ridiculous they can sometimes be. A funny example he uses of one he did unthinkingly is that his wife had cooked muffins, and their toddler was asking for one. So he asks his wife if they’re too hot.”

“It’s funny and also infuriating, but I love it because he really breaks down how to NOT create additional mental load on his partner, even in situations where it may not be perfectly obvious (like, if she says she’s exhausted and hopes to just get take out, don’t turn it around and tell her, ‘Okay, I’ll get it, just tell me where you want me to go?’).

@realzachthinkshare if you’re interested! Or if you think your guy might be.”


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