21 People Who Got Fired On Their First Day Of Work


“My first day was also the first day for another dude, who showed up an hour and a half late. After being there for about 15 minutes and sort of starting to help me do the very first task we were assigned, he gets pulled into an office and fired. On his way out, he is walking past where I’m still working, and he says, ‘They fired me for being late. I can’t believe it. Do you think you can give me a ride?'”

“I laughed out loud and sheepishly said, ‘Sorry, dude. I’m kinda working right now.’ He thanked me anyway and walked out of the building.

He accidentally did me a big favor because so many of my new coworkers saw that interaction and thought it was so incredibly hilarious that they all became immediately friendly with me to talk about it.”


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