28 Of The Worst Cheating Stories Ever


“I know a woman who has been cheating on her high school sweetheart (who joined the Navy) basically since the jump. We all sort of assumed they had an agreement because she was very fixated on being ‘not like other girls’ and having wildly inappropriate levels of friendship and intimacy with all his male friends. She found some trashy divorced guy 20 years her senior with a daughter eight years younger than herself at her office and proceeded to carry on a year-long affair (including interstate travel) and finally had to come clean to her husband when it got too obvious and her lies about travel were falling apart. They got divorced, and it turns out she had been sleeping with basically all his friends the whole time.”

“She had sex with one of his close friends at a group cabin trip where the friend was also having sex with another single mutual friend on the trip. She’s a disgusting, selfish, terrible person. But, the universe is somewhat resetting itself with her because she’s now stuck in a relationship with that terrible guy who treats her badly while she intermittently cheats on him. She’s setting herself up to be miserable for the rest of her life. 

What makes me ill is that the husband still doesn’t know all of these crappy dudes who claim to be his friend, who had so much energy about the divorce, and are still socializing with him, all have been joyfully screwing his wife while he was literally asleep in another room. I’m not close enough to the situation to actually say anything, but it really is one of the most upsetting things I’ve ever known about in terms of people being absolute monsters to those they purport to care for.”


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