35 Outer Banks Facts That Are So Underrated

“Outer Banks” is a treasure hunt – adventure – suspense – thriller saga that follows a group of friends who call themselves the Pogues and Kooks on a hunt for a long-lost treasure worth $400 million. John B (Chase Stokes), the group leader, is determined to find the treasure, which he believes is connected to his father’s disappearance.

This series was created by Josh Pate, Jonas pate, and Shannon Burke that premiered on Netflix on April 15, 2020. These series have so many exciting, thrilling, and breathtaking moments that you will be witnessed throughout the series. “Outer Banks” The show’s name suggests the series takes place mostly on a fictional version of the North Carolina coast.

In the pilot episode, the main character John B introduces the Outer Banks as “Paradise on Earth.” John B and his friends spend their summer mission always having a good time, surfing, boating, and fishing on the water. While the fictional Outer Banks is not a perfect match to the real-life OBX, names of North Carolina coastal towns and communities are scattered throughout the show’s dialogue.

Jonas Pate, the series creator, said the show was inspired by his and his brother’s experiences growing up in North Carolina and visiting the coast. Pate also stated that the geography of both North and South Carolina “gets thrown in a blender and tossed around” to create a “mythical Carolina coast.” Class differences play a significant role in “Outer Banks.”

The show is set on a fictional version of the North Carolina coast and features two main groups: the Pogues and the Kooks. The Pogues are working-class locals who live on “the Cut,” while the Kooks are Figure Eight Island’s rich, upper-class residents.

Most main characters, including John B, Pope, JJ, and Kiara, identify as Pogues. At the same time, Sarah Cameron, a born Kook, becomes more of a Pogue as she falls in love with John B. Throughout the series, the differences between the groups, both teenagers and adults, serve as a primary source of conflict.

The show follows Pogue teenagers living in the southside, called The Cut, where John B, JJ, and Pope live. In season 1, the plot revolves around a treasure hunt for $400 million in gold believed to be on board the Royal Merchant, a ship that wrecked off the OBX coast centuries ago.

John B’s father, Big John, went missing nine months ago while searching for the Merchant, and John B and the other Pogues start their hunt after discovering clues that seem to have been left by John B’s dad. They are determined to discover what happened to the missing father of the group’s ringleader, John B. They discover a legendary treasure tied to John B’s father.

The law and a wealthy group of Kooks chase the Pogues. They seek to overcome obstacles such as love, fighting, friendship, and money. The series was renewed for a fourth season. As the third season has been released recently (February 23, 2023), here are the 35 facts about the “Outer Banks” series.

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35 Interesting facts about Outer Banks

1. The Origin of the plot

The entire plot concept and framework of Outer Banks come from three different guys. The show was created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke. Josh and Jonas Pate are brothers. They’re identical twins. As a setting for their story, the Outer Banks resonates with both.

The Pates based some characters in Outer Banks on people they knew from high school and drew from their teenage experiences for the script. Josh Pate initially wanted to be a novelist before shifting to screenwriting, finding the letter format and style change easier.

Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke, The Creators of Outer Banks  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.alamy.com/ |

Shannon Burke, who went to the same college as Josh Pate, worked as an EMS while writing and publishing several novels throughout the 2000s and 2010s. The Pates are initially from North Carolina. Growing up, the brothers also spent much of their time in South Carolina on Kiowa Island, just south of Charleston; it’s pretty much considered the Hamptons equivalent of South Carolina.

Growing up in South Carolina, bouncing between the two islands, the Pate Brothers have first-hand accounts of the class division. This division was the first influence behind the outer Banks’ two groups, the Kooks and The Pogues.

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2. Origin of the Pogues & Kooks 

Outer Banks has two rival gangs, divided by class and constantly at each other’s throats. The lower-class gang is called The Pogues or the greasers. The upper-class gang is called The Kooks or the socials. Growing up on the East Coast, Josh Pate was regularly exposed to the real-world divide in the class of beach communities. He said that the beach scene is very Have and Have Not.

Kooks & Pogues

Kooks & Pogues  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.buzzfeed.com/|

He considers Outer Banks to be biographical in a way. Burke, who did not grow up near the East Coast, also incorporated elements of his high school experience into the story. Outer Banks portrays the division of class and the rivalry between the gangs.

The show has real-life elements incorporated into the story. Josh and Burke created an early version of Outer Banks with a plot, setting, and cast of characters. They approached Jonas for feedback, who suggested adding excitement to help the story take off.

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3. Leader of the Team, John B

John B Rutledge is the main hero of the adventure. Chase Stokes play John B Rutledge. Chase Stokes is from the south and originally from Annapolis, Maryland. Jonas mentioned that they saw over 600 actors auditioning for the part before knowing Stokes was their John B before knowing Stokes was their John B. Stokes tried to layer the fact that John B’s dad is presumed dead into every part of his performance.

This includes how he carries himself in every situation and walks. Stokes’s grandmother had passed away a few months before the shooting began for Outer Banks. Stokes had to go back to Florida for his grandma’s funeral during the shooting.

John B

Chase Stokes as John B |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://people.com/|

After returning to set, he saw a sign that let him know that his grandma was with him. Stokes’s grandma always talked about seeing things in threes and that Dolphins were her favorite animal. On the first day back on set, Stokes walked onto a dock at the Chateau and saw three dolphins. Stokes considers season 1 an ode to his grandma after the clear sign he received.

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4. Chase Stokes Audition for Outer Banks 

Chase Stokes wasn’t going to audition for the show when it was pitched to him. He thought it sounded too similar to The Goonies and didn’t want to participate in something that could ruin the classic film. After reading the script, he realized that the show differed from The Goonies.

This realization changed his perspective on the show. It seems that the script was the deciding factor for him. He may have been skeptical of the show’s premise. This tells us how much the script was well-written. It also tells us that Chase Stokes is a discerning actor.

Chase Stokes's audition

Chase Stokes talking about his audition in Outer Banks |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://people.com/|

Chase Stock is unwilling to participate in something he thinks is not worthwhile. It shows us his dedication to his career and the script selection that can prove his acting. Ultimately, his decision to audition for the show was influenced by the quality of the script.

Therefore, in conclusion, we witnessed the best cast for the series. The cast has made us believe that without anyone of them, the series wouldn’t be the same as exciting and thrilling as it is now. We wouldn’t feel the same love and hatred for the series’ characters.

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5. Queens of the Kooks, Sarah Cameron

Madeleine Klein plays the role of Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks. Madeleine Klein grew up in Goose Creek, a small town located north of Charleston. To play Sarah Cameron, Madeleine Klein first identified and worked on the character’s insecurities.

Madeleine Klein felt it was okay to feel the same things as her character. When she first read the script, Klein saw Sarah Cameron as a one-dimensional, stereotypical, standoffish rich girl. Klein worked extensively with the creators and writers of Outer Banks to create her version of Sarah Cameron.

Sarah Cameron

Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron  |Image Source – Google|Image by –  https://www.popsugar.com/|

The version Klein created was a more fleshed-out and nuanced character. Sarah Cameron is the “Queen of the Kooks” in Outer Banks. Klein’s version of Sarah Cameron departs from the original one-dimensional version. Klein’s version of Sarah Cameron is more complex and multi-dimensional. Klein’s portrayal of Sarah Cameron has been well-received by audiences. 

Madeleine Klein’s portrayal of Sarah Cameron has been credited with elevating the character beyond its original conception. Her approach to playing Sarah Cameron involved understanding the character’s insecurities and motivations. Her performance as Sarah Cameron is a testament to her skill as an actress.

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6. Chemistry between John B & Sarah Cameron

Chase Stokes and Madeleine Klein, who played John B and Sarah, had great chemistry on the set of Outer Banks. They dated in real life and were a couple at one point. They also starred in a music video for Kygo, a Norwegian DJ. Stokes and Klein also have credits in a different, more popular Netflix series than Outer Banks, called Stranger Things.

Stokes briefly appeared in season 1 of Stranger Things as a character named Reed. Klein played a character named Tina in season 2 of Stranger Things. Chase Stokes had a brief role in a season 1 episode of Stranger Things where he made a suggestive comment to Nancy as he drove by. Madeleine Klein appeared as a popular girl in two episodes of season 2 of Stranger Things.

Ramance between John B & Sarah Cameron

Chemistry between John B & Sarah Cameron |Image Source – Google|

The rain kiss between John B and Sarah was improvised on the set of Outer Banks. The rain was not planned for that scene, but the actors decided to go in that direction. The producers loved the improvised scene, and it became one of the most memorable moments in the show.

Outer Banks has been well-received by audiences for the chemistry between John B & Sarah and has been renewed for multiple seasons. Chase Stokes and Madeleine Klein’s real-life relationship and on-screen chemistry added to the popularity of Outer Banks.

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7. Rudy Pankow Audition for Outer Banks:

Rudy Pankow is an actor who played JJ in the television series. He almost played John B. However, he had always wanted to play JJ from the beginning. The producers originally considered him for the role of John B. It wasn’t until after his last audition they pivoted him to JJ’s third John B.

Rudy pankow

Rudy Pankow as JJ  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://lt.cox-arena.com/|

The producers eventually decided to cast him as JJ instead of John B. Rudy Pankow’s performance was well-received by fans and critics. He is known for his portrayal of JJ. The show has gained a significant following since its release.

The casting of Rudy Pankow as JJ was a turning point for the show. It allowed for the exploration of a complex character. Rudy Pankow’s acting ability helped to bring JJ to life. The decision to cast him as JJ ultimately helped to make the show successful.

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8. The bond among the cast

Some actors don’t get along, but the Outer Banks cast is an exception. They have a great rapport with each other, to the point of quarantining together. It’s surprising to think that they became so close so quickly. The cast’s chemistry is remarkable. Madeline, one of the cast members, told BuzzFeed about their experience. They all wanted to be together when the show first aired.

The bond among Outer Banks cast

Outer Banks cast during shooting |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.pinterest.co.uk/|

They wanted to experience it all together. The cast’s closeness is impressive. Their chemistry is evident in their interactions. The cast is more like a family than co-workers. Their bonding extends beyond the show. The fans who follow the cast in their real life on social media will witness their bond. They continue to support each other outside of work.

Their closeness is evidence of their professionalism and commitment to the show. The cast’s chemistry has been a big part of the show’s success. Their dynamic on and off-screen has endeared them to fans. They even quarantined together when the show dropped initially. It’s crazy to think that they got so close so fast. That’s some real chemistry if anyone has ever got it.

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9. The Closure among the cast

Talking about closure among a few people is never less; talking about closure among this beautiful cast is worth writing another fact based on the same matter. The love for each other is unending, and if you know the relation between the cast, you want these people in your life.

Living with your friends is an incredible experience. During season one of a TV show, the cast, including Chase Stokes and Rudy Pankow, spent a month together in a one-bedroom apartment. The fact that they spent so much time together shows their dedication to the show.

Outer Banks cast spending time during shooting

Outer Banks cast spending time during shooting. |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.pinterest.co.uk/|

Chase Stokes and Rudy Pankow were roommates, which helped to strengthen their bond on and off the screen. Jonathan Davis and Austin North, who played enemies on the show, were also roommates. They lived just a few doors down from Stokes and Panko. Madeleine Klein, another cast member, lived on the floor below.

All of them would get together and have parties, play video games, and hang out. According to an interview with Cosmopolitan, Stokes said they hadn’t had the chance to do something like that since then. Despite this, knowing they were all very close was still touching.

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10. The Tight-Knit over Outer Banks

Did you know that many actors play a certain role? They involve themselves in that character to become that character. You may understand what I mean if you know the Outer Banks actors. The cast is tight-knit, but it wasn’t always this way. Chase and Austin had a strained relationship initially. The two actors have since resolved their differences and are on good terms.

Chase Stokes and Austin NorthChase Stokes and Austin North  |Image Source – Google|Image by –https://m.zimbio.com/|

The main five cast members had great first impressions of each other. Chase and Austin did not get along at first. The incident took place during a trip to the movies. Chase revealed to BuzzFeed that he did not want Austin to come along.

He wanted to immerse himself in his role and become his character. On the show, Chase’s character and Austin’s character are enemies. Chase felt that spending time with Austin would not help him embody his character. This decision caused tension between the two actors. Despite their rocky start, they eventually became close.

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11. Scuba-Diving, the underwater scenes

There’s a first time for everything, right? Well, this guy is no stranger to first times. You would think that the underwater scenes in the Outer Banks series were done super. Professionally well, they were, but there’s one slight plot twist. Stokes has never scuba-dived before in his life. Remember when John B went to investigate Scooter’s boat and did a full-on scuba hunt, as it looked in the series?

Chase stokes scuba diving behind the scenes

Chase stokes scuba diving behind the scenes. |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.buzzfeed.com/|

The actor had never done scuba before, and now something like scuba diving requires some safety training, and you’d expect some actors to come fully prepared with a month of training. But not this guy. He took a very quick short course just a few days before the scene, and thankfully it was all good, and there were no issues on set.

He loves living life on the edge. He did not turn out into Tom Cruise but did a really good job, and every underwater shot came out as an interesting scene. Even though he still doesn’t have his official scuba certification.

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12. The backdrop of the show

If you are from South Carolina, you may notice that backdrop of the show is South Carolina. Despite the show’s name and setting in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, it was not filmed there. The filming location was Charleston, South Carolina. Madeline Kline, who portrays the character Sarah Cameron, is from the area where the show was filmed. Kline’s hometown is Goose Creek.

North Carolina’s Outer Banks may have inspired the show’s setting, but the filming location was in South Carolina. Charleston’s beaches and coastal areas likely served as a substitute for the Outer Banks in the show. Filming in Charleston may have been more convenient or cost-effective for the show’s production team.

Despite not being filmed in Outer Banks, the show still features many iconic beaches and coastal elements. Charleston is a popular filming location for many TV shows and movies. The city’s historic charm and coastal scenery make it an attractive location for filming.

Kline likely had some familiarity with the Charleston area before filming the show. Filming in Charleston may have allowed the cast and crew to enjoy the city’s many attractions and amenities during their time there. The decision to film in Charleston rather than the actual Outer Banks may have had little impact on the show’s overall success and popularity.

The original backdrop of the Outerbanks is South Carolina

The original backdrop of the Outerbanks is South Carolina  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://au.hotels.com/|

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13. Interests of Rudy Pankow

Did you know that Rudy Pankow had interests before becoming an actor? His initial goal was to become a chef and attend culinary school. However, his interests shifted later. Rudy made his first appearance in a music video. He is a talented individual who speaks multiple languages.

Interests of Rudy Pankow

Interests of Rudy Pankow   |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.pxfuel.com/|

Rudy is also involved in various hobbies, including soccer, hiking, and playing musical instruments. He has expertise in playing several instruments. Rudy is an actor with a diverse skill set. He has an upcoming project in the comedy genre called Waves.

The new project is highly impressive. Rudy’s interests have changed throughout his life. He had initially wanted to pursue a career in cooking. Rudy has now established himself as an actor. His abilities in different fields make him a well-rounded individual. Rudy’s hobbies and talents add depth to his persona.

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14. Brainy character, full of talents

Jonathan Davis played the role of Pope in a TV show. Pope was portrayed as a brainy character in the show. Jonathan Davis claims that he shares similarities with the character he plays. These similarities helped him to do justice to the character.

According to his co-stars, Jonathan Davis is good at remembering his lines and has a sharp memory. Despite looking serious, Jonathan Davis is quite the opposite. He enjoys entertaining people with pranks and foolish acts. He sends memes to his co-stars daily.

Jonathan Davis is not only an actor but is also into music. He has been practicing music during the quarantine period. He has worked on a few projects and plans to work on more. Jonathan Davis is talented in making impressions and loves sports.

He has not revealed anything about his relationship status. It can be assumed that he is single and plans to spend his free time with his three sisters. Overall, Jonathan Davis is a talented and versatile individual who excels in acting and music.

Brainy character, full of talents, Jonathan Davis

Brainy character, full of talents, Jonathan Davis  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://people.com/|

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15. Kiara, Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey portrays the character of Kiara in the show. She was 21 years old when she was cast for the show. Madison started her career in acting five years ago, starring in two shows. She was born and raised in North Carolina, known for the Outer Banks.

Kiara, Madison Bailey

Kiara, Madison Bailey |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.buzzfeed.com/|

Due to serious issues like gender identity discrimination, Madison’s family moved to South Carolina. Being a part of the queer community, Madison was happy with the move. Madison is open about her gender and has a rainbow-colored flag on her Instagram bio. She dated a member of the queer community, but the relationship did not last long.

Madison has a musical talent and has a YouTube channel where she posts covers of songs. She strongly believes in astrology and has a thing for stones and crystals. Madison has a few more projects in the pipeline. She is determined to continue her career in acting. Madison has a positive attitude toward life and is always up for new challenges. Madison’s fans love her for her talent, openness, and positive energy.

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16. Rafe Cameron, Drew Starkey :

If you hate Rafe Cameron so much, that’s because of the great efforts of Drew Starkey. Drew Starkey is a well-known actor who gained popularity for his role as Rafe Cameron in a TV show. He quickly became a heartthrob among fans.

Unfortunately, much isn’t known about his personal life since he doesn’t share much about himself. However, he has been in the entertainment industry for a while and has appeared in several movies and shows, including Ozark and Love, Simon.

Drew is muscular, standing at six feet, two inches tall and weighing 190 pounds. , According to his co-stars, in one scene, Drew had to sink to the bottom of the ocean, but he came up floating, even with an extra 15 pounds.

Aside from acting, Drew has various interests and hobbies. He enjoys playing games like basketball and mountain climbing and is passionate about playing the piano. Drew’s Instagram account reveals that he loves animals and was once in a relationship with Rachel Fox Murray.

Rafe Cameron, Drew Starkey

Rafe Cameron, Drew Starkey |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.tumgik.com/|

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17. Topper, Austin North

Austin North played the character of Topper in a show. Austin North decided to become an actor at the age of eight. He got interested in acting while performing in a role-play with his sister at a church. A talent agency discovered him. He had to move to LA with his family to pursue his career in acting. He started his acting career with advertisements for companies like Dell.

Topper, Austin North

Topper, Austin North  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.hitc.com/|

He got a breakthrough and was selected for a few shows like “I Didn’t Do It.” After his successful stint on “I Didn’t Do It,” he got more projects. His previous projects helped him in building his career. Austin North is currently 23 years old. He is famous enough to have over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Austin North started his acting career with commercials and advertisements. He became a Disney star after being cast in “I Didn’t Do It.” He received many more projects after his success with Disney. Austin North’s acting career started with a role-play at a church with his sister.

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18. Austin North is a great Drummer, besides being an actor

Did you know that Austin North is an actor who is also a great drummer? His love for drumming started when his grandmother gifted him a set of drums as a kid. He is very passionate about drumming, one of his favorite hobbies. Austin has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos of him practicing drumming. Austin North is very dedicated to drumming, which means a lot to him.

Austin North great Drummer, besides an actor

Austin North is a great Drummer, besides being an actor  |Image Source – Google|

If you talk to him about drumming, he will talk about it as if it is the best thing in the world. Austin has other hobbies, but drumming is what he lives for. He used to date Sadie Robertson. Austin North was also rumored to have dated Selena Gomez. Austin’s love life is of interest to some people. Austin is not just an actor but also a talented musician.

Austin North’s passion for drumming is an important part of who he is. Austin’s dedication to drumming is evident in his YouTube videos. He takes drumming very seriously, an essential part of his life. Drumming has been a significant part of Austin North’s life since childhood.

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19. Madeline Klein, more interesting facts

We all love the character Sarah Cameron. There are many facts about the actor Madeline Klein who played Sarah Cameron in the Outer Banks show. She was 22 years old when she played this role. Madeline developed an interest in acting. Her parents did not support her interest in acting.

As a result, she dropped out of college and moved to LA. Madeline’s amazing acting skills helped her land a few shows. She has already bagged a few other shows too. Madeline had a special experience with the cast members of Outer Banks. She had a good relationship with Chase, whom she had previously met when he asked for help cracking his back.

Madeline has been in many toxic relationships. She believes in using her skills to show teenage girls how they should be treated. Madeline strongly supports women in poverty.

She wants women to know the good and bad sides of relationships. Madeline is a strong-headed woman known as a rebel because of her dedication to her dreams. Madeline had a huge crush on Corbin Blue, but there isn’t much to say about her love life.

Many interesting facts about Madelyn Cline

Many interesting facts about Madelyn Cline  |Image Source – Google|Image by –  https://wikibioworth.com/ |

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20. Chase Stokes, more interesting facts

Chase Stokes, as John B, did the role of the famous John B, and it’s easy to say that he did it perfectly and no one could do it as well as he did. He had to play the part of an adventurous teenage show which he successfully did since he grew up near the water and knows everything about surfing and boating.

Chase Stokes has always shown his passion for these two in his built-in body to support his interest in these two hobbies of his this might surprise you. Still, at first, stokes had no plans of doing this show since he thought it was one of those shows with adventures and making up teams, but as soon as he read the script of the show and the demands.

Chase Stokes realized that he was wrong and fitted perfectly into the role. He has starred in a few other shows before appearing on this one. According to him, he has found his star family and is reportedly quarantined with them, which clearly shows that their bond is at the next level.

Chase Stokes

Chase Stokes  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://caknowledge.com/|

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21. Chase Stokes, unexpected career path into acting

If you are a fan of Chase Stoke, you may know he has multiple interests. Contrary to popular belief, Chase did not always aspire to be an actor. He was skilled in playing hockey and had plans to pursue it. However, he changed his career path after discovering his interest in acting.

Chase Stokes, unexpected career path into acting

Chase Stokes, unexpected career path into acting   |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://people.com/|

Chase has been in a romantic relationship with a model. The relationship lasted for eight years. They moved in together at some point during their relationship. Unfortunately, their relationship failed, and they eventually broke up.

The cast members of the show Outer Banks have some interesting facts about them. Chase is just one of the members with a unique backstory. Many people do not get to know more about the lives of these actors.

Chase’s life journey shows that it is okay to change career paths. He followed his heart and discovered his true passion for acting. Chase’s relationship experience also shows that love doesn’t always work out, and that’s okay.

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22. The crew’s living situation while filming part – 1

The crew’s living situation during the show’s filming interests fans. The cast of the show practically lives together while filming. Jonathan Davis and Austin Pope share a dorm during filming. Chase Stokes and Rudy Panko share a room during filming. The other three main cast members stay within five minutes of each other.

The crew living situation during filming

The crew’s living situation during filming  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.postandcourier.com/|

The cast members wear backward hats flawlessly. Working on the show feels like hanging out with friends for the cast. They spend their weekends together playing video games and watching movies. The chemistry between the cast members playing the characters is real. This chemistry explains why the show is becoming a phenomenon. The chemistry between the cast members translates onto the screen.

The chemistry on the screen is real and is not just acting. The show is popular because the chemistry between the cast members is real. The chemistry between the cast members explains why the show is gaining popularity. The cast members’ living situations and their chemistry contribute to the show’s success.

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23. The crew’s living situation while filming part – 2

Those who watched Outer banks may notice that Pankow, Stokes, Starkey, and Klein have many scenes on the island alone. They were quarantined together for almost two months. Their quarantine period coincided with the release of their show. They had to do interviews and promotional content from their quarantine location.

The crew living situation during filming

The crew’s living situation during filming |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.uncg.edu/|

They did not mind being together during quarantine. They were each other’s support system during this time. They were able to stay afloat on love and mimosas. Quarantining together turned out to be a good thing. Pankow, Stokes, Starkey, and Klein got along well during quarantine. They were able to continue working on the show from their quarantine location.

The group enjoyed each other’s company during the quarantine. The quarantine period lasted for close to two months. The group had to make adjustments to their work due to the quarantine. They overcame the challenges of working and living together during quarantine. Quarantining together helped the group bond and grew closer. The experience was like an ideal quarantined setup for the group.

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24. Troubles faced by “Outer Banks” cast and crew

Although Outer Banks characters had faced so many troubles in real life, the crew had also faced many troubles while shooting the show. The crew chose to shoot the show in Charleston, South Carolina, due to their protest of North Carolina’s bathroom bill. This decision was made to maintain authenticity in the environment.

The choice to film in South Carolina has had consequences for the cast and crew. Due to Hurricane Dorian, the crew had to relocate temporarily to Asheville, North Carolina. Season 2 of the show has been greenlit. The crew may need to wait before resuming filming due to ongoing hurricane activity in the area. Hurricane Elsa is the most recent hurricane to affect the area.

Troubles faced by "Outer Banks" cast and crew

Troubles faced by “Outer Banks” cast and crew  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://deadline.com/|

The crew’s decision to film in Charleston has caused some difficulties due to the distance from the show’s location. The decision to relocate temporarily to Asheville was made to ensure the safety of the cast and crew. Hurricane activity in the area has made it difficult for the crew to resume filming.

The show’s producers have stated they are committed to returning to filming as soon as it is safe. The crew is eager to get back to filming as soon as possible. The challenges faced by the crew highlight the risks associated with filming in coastal areas prone to natural disasters.

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25. Real-world locations in the show

We all loved the locations of the Outer Banks, right? But on the contrary, the writers had gone through lots of trouble while choosing real-world locations. Writing a show that is set in a real-world location can be difficult. Ensuring that the story’s writing reflects the actual geographical location is important. The writers of Outer Banks are usually good at this, but they have made a mistake.

This mistake caused many fans to call it out. In one episode, John B and Sarah take a ferry to Chapel Hill. However, Chapel Hill is landlocked, meaning they couldn’t have taken a ferry. The writers are aware of this mistake.

The crew living situation during filming

The crew of “Outer Banks” during filming |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/|

The mistake had nothing to do with the writers themselves. The original writing says that John B and Sarah take a ferry, then get an Uber to Chapel Hill. However, the decision was made to cut the Uber scene in the final editing of the episode. This creates a weird moment in the final version. This moment implies a geographical mistake, but it’s a lack of context.

The writers had originally intended to show that John B and Sarah took a ferry and then an Uber. However, the Uber scene was cut, which made the ferry scene seem like a mistake. Despite this mistake, the writers of Outer Banks are usually good at accurately depicting the show’s real-world location.

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26. Davis Gift to his Castmates

Davis, also known as Pope, gave his castmates a gift during the wrap-up of season one shooting for the show. He wanted to give them something to hold on to until they returned to work. Davis gave them a set of bracelets with the words “Pogues for life.” The bracelets referenced the show’s main factions. Davis was feeling sentimental at the time.

While the act was sweet, it becomes hilarious on the surface when you learn what happened. Davis misspelled “Pogues” on the bracelets as “Pogues.” The misspelled word turned into “Rascals.” Despite the misspelling, it’s the thought that counts.

John Davis as Pop

John Davis as Pop  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://people.com/|

The castmates found the mishap amusing. The show’s main factions were flawlessly represented by turtle shells mixed with backward hats. The bracelets were a meaningful gift from Davis to his castmates. The mishap added a humorous touch to the sentimental moment.

The castmates will always have the bracelets as a memento of their time together on the show. The incident demonstrates that mistakes can sometimes lead to funny moments and can be a source of laughter and enjoyment.

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27. Drew’s audition tape was a game-changer

Did you know the most hateful character Rafe Cameron played, actor Drew Starkey initially auditioned for the role of John B? He was invited to audition for the role of John B. He didn’t expect much when he went for the audition. Drew’s audition tape was a game-changer.

The casting team initially thought that he was terrible for the part of John B. The casting team thought Drew would be right for another role in the show, Rafe Cameron. Drew was thrilled to have landed an unexpected role. He couldn’t wait to start playing Rafe Cameron, a compelling character. After months of preparation, Drew was brought to South Carolina to begin filming.

Drew Stark audition for John B

Drew Stark auditioned for John B. |Image Source – Google|

Drew eventually wowed fans worldwide with his incredible performance as Rafe—Drew’s performance as Rafe stood out every season. Drew’s performance was a significant factor in cementing his place as a rising Hollywood star.

Drew’s casting as Rafe Cameron was unexpected. Drew’s excitement about playing Rafe was evident. Drew’s preparation and hard work paid off in his outstanding performance as Rafe Cameron.

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28. Maintaining a fit physique 

If you haven’t watched season three, this is a spoiler for you. The Pogues got a happy ending with season three, which made the strict rules worth it. The rules for filming the show were super challenging, and some might seem strange. The main cast of Outer Banks shares a fit physique, an important attribute of the show.

Before Netflix chose them to act in Outer Banks, physical fitness was looked out for. An excellent physique was necessary, especially for the main character, John B. The characters often go shirtless and dress scantily, making their physical fitness essential to the show’s look.

A fit physic of "Outer Banks"

Fit physic of “Outer Banks.”  |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://www.menshealth.com/|

The cast had to be in great shape, and the rule ensured they didn’t have it out of proportion. Chase Stokes’ abs look fit enough to play a teenager, and they aren’t too much in ways that will make fans doubt his character. Sarah and Kiara were mostly in bomb shorts and crop tops, revealing their astonishing bodies and enhancing the rule of having an excellent physique for the show.

The rule is important because the characters’ daily life in the series involves many running around and exercising. The fit body was essential to make it easy for the characters to endure challenging situations and still come out fine and victorious. Chase Stokes explains how he has to keep up with John B’s physique by going the extra mile to keep a nice body.

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29. Tan or Fake tan

The people in Carolina usually have dark skin or tan, so the cast of Outer Banks had the rule to look naturally tan without wearing much makeup. The rule aimed to make the cast appear genuine and suit the summer setting of the show. The characters in the show had little clothing, so it was important for the cast to look like they had enough sun.

Outer Banks Cast tan and without tan

Outer Banks cast tan and without a tan. |Image Source – Google|Image by –https://www.elle.com.au/ |

Madeleine Klein used bronzer or blush to achieve a Sunkist look since she started with a fake tan. John B and JJ used self-tanner on their skin to comply with the rule. Madison Bailey, who played Kiara, had no tan makeup on most of the time because it would wash off during the activities involved.

The cast in the show appeared darker than in the cast’s interviews, indicating that the rule was taken seriously. The rule was to either get a fake tan or not have the cast get one. The rule was important because the characters were engaged in high-risk treasure hunts that required them to look fit and healthy. Maintaining a good physique and looking tan were crucial attributes of the cast.

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30. Hair styling and dying

Do you know the actors in the Outer Banks show dye their hair? Yes, It is not their real hair colors. Every cast member changed their hairstyles according to the script’s characterization. The cast paid special attention to their hair for the show.

Madeleine mentioned that the rule was strict. She never did anything to her natural dark brunette hair before the show. She was afraid and didn’t want to spend money on it. Netflix was unsure of the correct hair color for her character.

Outer Banks Cast Hairstyling, Dying

Outer Banks Cast Hairstyling, Dying |Image Source – Google|

Madeleine took it upon herself to get a sun-kissed look at a salon. She didn’t like the result and thought her hair looked like peanut butter. She achieved a beachy blonde look by soaking her hair in the sun. Madison maintains that her hair and curls are genuine and easy to achieve.

The male cast had to follow the rules regarding their haircuts. Netflix helped them style and decide on their haircuts. The male cast had a renewed look in the latest season. Reeves’ haircut was perfect and followed the rules. He had been scheduled to get a haircut since the start of the show.

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31. Cast should know how to swim

We love the underwater scenes of Outer Banks. Since the show revolves around the lost treasure in the ocean, the cast members of Outer Banks must know how to swim. Cast performed most of the water stunts in the series. Surfing and scuba diving were among the water stunts. Chase, one of the cast members, found surfing challenging on set.

Rafe Cameron, Drew Starkey

Chase Stokes scuba diving during “Outer Banks” shooting  |Image Source – Google|

Well, chase stokes did that stunts, and there is no stunt double for the scuba diving shot, and he is, of course, not scuba certified. They let Chase try scuba diving a couple of times on the day of the stunt. Chase used to take 15 minutes of training every day.

The cast would take breaks from filming to surf. Chase found scuba diving challenging. The first time Chase scuba-dived was in the first season of the show. Chase confessed that he wasn’t adequately trained before doing the scuba diving scene. The cast members were not good at surfing.

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32. The secret behind the perfect chemistry :

The young cast of Outer Banks is popular and connects well with the younger generation. The cast is encouraged to become very close to each other as it helps with the chemistry they share on screen. There are no rules to stop the cast from exploring friendships and relationships outside of the show.

Relationships like this could go wrong behind the scenes, especially when they get involved with each other romantically or something related to that. The cast mustn’t bring drama to the show, as it could affect their jobs. Some actors have walked away from a series after their relationship behind the scenes goes wrong.

The secret behind chemistry of "Outer Banks" cast

The secret behind the chemistry of “The Outer Banks” cast |Image Source – Google|Image by –  https://ew.com/ |

Chase Stokes and Madeleine Klein, who dated and broke up, had to set their priorities straight and not affect their jobs according to the rules. Actors are privileged to feature in a Netflix show like Outer Banks because it can change their lives for the best.

Relationships like this could go wrong behind the scenes, especially when they get involved with each other romantically or something related to that. Sarah and John B are still going strong even if they are no longer dating.

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33. No spoilers

We all know whenever a new spiderman film releases, before the release, get the spoilers from Tom Holland. Well, that’s not the case here. Even though the cast of Outer Banks has no standing tradition to follow during interviews, they have to be careful about what they say and shouldn’t reveal. The cast cannot spoil the show for the fans or give away what will happen next season.

That’s why interviews usually occur after a new season’s release. The cast members can have their theories, just like most fans do. There’s nothing wrong with that. The cast members of Outer Banks cannot discuss their contract details.

"Outer Banks" interview for netflix

“Outer Banks” interview for Netflix|Image Source – Google|Image by – http://Netflix|

The reason is that it falls under the non-disclosure agreement. Each cast member has other contractual agreements with Netflix, as they are all represented by various agencies. Therefore, they are not allowed to share the details of their deals with Netflix among themselves.

To an extent, the cast of Outer Banks is often happy to share some of the tricks and dangers they went through in the film. Outer Banks’ cast is mysterious when sharing information during interviews. They want to keep the fans excited and engaged without revealing too much.

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34. Difference between Drew & Rafe

Do you think Drew Starkey is quite the opposite of Rafe? Drew Starkey is a fan favorite on the Netflix series Outer Banks. He plays the villain in the show. Off-screen, Drew is very close friends with every cast member. Drew’s Instagram page is filled with photos of him and his co-stars. He’s been spotted hanging out with all of them on multiple occasions.

Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron

Drew Starkey as Rafe |Image Source – Google|Image by – https://people.com/  |

They hang out not just on set but also outside of work. There’s a special bond between the cast members. This bond shows no signs of slowing down. Drew and Nicholas Cirillo, who plays Barry, have a particularly strong friendship. Drew answered in an interview that his biggest ship is Rafe and Barry. Fans agree with him.

Drew’s Instagram page features pictures of him with Chase Stokes and Madeline Klein, his on-screen rival and sister, respectively. Drew and the rest of the cast seem to have a close-knit relationship. This close relationship likely contributes to the success of the show. Drew’s popularity on the show and his strong friendships with the cast members have helped him become a rising star.

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35. Funny facts about Madelyne Cline

Madeleine has a lot of hidden talents. She’s a girl of many surprising talents, she can speak French at a conversational level not to mention she likes riding horses and she even studied ballet when she was younger right now she’s learning how to play the guitar.

Madeleine used to be a model before her break as an actress. She started modeling at ten and has done many TV commercials and print ads for companies like TIF t-mobile, clothing, and Sunny D. She was even on the cover of American Girl.


Mandelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron

Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron|Image Source – Google|

She also spends her summers in New York working on modeling projects. Madeleine is from the same area where Outer Banks was shot. She is originally from Charleston, South Carolina, where Outer Banks was filmed. Her hometown is Goose Creek which is only 20 minutes away from Charleston and

Although the show is supposedly in North Carolina, she’s never been to the OuterBanks. She went to school and college in South Carolina at Coastal Carolina University. Madeleine has a lot of hobbies that you might not have guessed. She’s very adventurous, being a true Pogue at heart. Her interests include photography, drawing, road trips, hiking, and wakeboarding.

So, these are the 35 Facts about “Outer Banks,” that you might find exciting, funny, and interesting. Comment your favorite fact throughout the articles. Have a nice day.

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