Good Feng Shui Main Entry Area Design

It is important for the floor plan of your office or house to be a good feng shui floor plan. Because as per this plan all of the important things that can really save your time, effort, and money are taken into consideration while designing the floor plan. If you a have high budget and still don’t have a good Feng Shui floor plan then you are taking a big risk.

Today, we will be talking about some of the best feng shui main design plans.

Main entry, foyer, and front door area design.

In the case of good Feng Shui floor plans for houses, your main door/front door will never be completely aligned with a big window or another door. The front door or the main door is also not likely to be directly facing the closet doors, a wall within a few feet, or the bathroom door.

Another important thing that is given uttermost importance in the Feng Shui concept is that the front door should always open inwards and not outwards because it is believed that if a door is opening outwards all the good energy is being pushed away and the house can therefore not benefit from the feng shui positivity. This applies to both houses and officers

In the case of staircases. you will find that in good Feng Shui house floor plans, the stairs will never be directly facing the front door.

As mentioned above, when designing your front doors floor plan as per Feng Shui, it is kept in mind that all of the positive energy could smoothly flow inside the house.

The front door should also act as a grounding transition between the inner and outer worlds. Another thing you notice is that you will never have your bathroom door in front of your front door as you do not want to see the toilet seat right after you enter the house.

As you might have figured out yourself, as per Feng Shui the front door or the main entry area of the house is like the Gateway of positive energy and the position of these in the house can simply define all of that.

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