35 Wild Weddings That Shocked Guests

35 Wild Weddings That Shocked Guests


And: “I walked into the bathroom to take a break from dancing. The bride was sitting on the floor by herself, crying her eyes out. I stopped to talk to her, and apparently she didn’t want to get married but felt forced to because she and the groom had had sex once. She wasn’t pregnant, but she felt she was obligated to marry him because of her religious views. We talked for at least 15 minutes because I didn’t want to leave her alone (this was before cell phones were really a thing), and finally her grandma came into the bathroom and took over. I barely knew the bride, as the groom was a friend of my boyfriend’s and I was just a plus one. I got back to the dance floor and the groom was happily dancing with his groomsmen, completely oblivious to the fact that his bride was missing.”

“I ran into the groom about a decade later and he reported he was the proud dad of four kids and was still happily married. I hope for his wife’s sake that the marriage was a happy one and she wasn’t lying to him because she felt obligated to stay married.”


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