37 Stories From People Who Knew Murderers


“My wife’s mother was abused by her second husband. She had him arrested for abusing their son, but in a small town, he was able to sweet talk his way out without posting bail, and got home before she had finished packing. He walked in, already armed, and shot her in the neck from across the room before she could even stand up to look at him (she was bent over packing so it went through her neck sideways and lodged in the other side. It’s still there, it’s a gnarly scar, too). He then walked across the room to stand over her and saw that she was still alive, so he dropped the gun and bent over and beat her for a while. After a few blows, he heard their 13-year-old son cry from the other side of the room. He had been watching the whole thing.”

“The man stood up from his wife’s battered bleeding husk, and started across the room to beat his son as revenge, presumably blaming him for his arrest.

Before he’d got all the way across the room, my mother-in-law, god bless her soul, picked that gun up, steadied her hand, and fired one shot through the back of his head before losing consciousness.

With brains and blood splattered all over him, the boy, my wife’s [considerably] older brother, dialed 911 and cried through the phone that ‘daddy shot mama’ and ‘mama killed daddy’ and ‘mama’s still alive so hurry.’

She’s now in her mid-70s, he’s in his early 60s, and they are the hardest fucking people I’ve ever known. He also ended up killing a man (pushed him off a bridge during a meth-fueled fist fight), but was let off because it was self-defense.

I do not fuck with my wife’s family, LOL.”


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