38 Cringey Things That Are Now Common

38 Cringey Things That Are Now Common


Relatedly…”Talk too loud, especially when they are on the phone and it is speaker.”


“I am sitting a few feet away from my coworker, and she is on the phone with her wife for hours at a time on speaker phone. Sometimes they’re arguing about shit and I feel like a scuz for eavesdropping. Except I’m not a scuz ! You’re broadcasting it to my hearing space, Robin ! I feel bad for the other person because I myself would not appreciate my wife having me on speaker phone while we talk about issues, or you know, anything!”


“My mom actually had to ask a guy to leave her restaurant the other day because while he was waiting to pickup a DoorDash order he was pacing around on speaker phone and customers would literally come in, see him doing that, and say, ‘yeah I’m not dealing with this’ and leave. It made her so mad as a small business owner to lose customers because of that guy.”


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