39 Cheaper Products That Work Just As Well


Get rid of sticker residue with oil, or even lighter fluid, rather than buying a specific sticker-removal tool or fluid.

“You can remove sticker and tape residue by rubbing it with oil, as long as it’s on a surface that won’t be damaged by the oil. I originally read about it as a use for WD-40, but over the years I’ve used all kinds of oils. I usually use food oils like canola or olive oil, because they’re sitting right on the kitchen counter. I’ve even used olive oil to remove Bandaid residue from my skin.”


“I have to take off thousands of stickers a year for work. Many of them are 30+ years old. Some of them are 30+ years old and security stickers. So sometimes it is a horrible and annoying task. After using dozens of products and tactics, the best thing that I have found is plain old lighter fluid. I prefer Ronsonol or Zippo brand just because of the smell, but any decent brand will work. I get 341ml, or 12 fl oz, bottles of Ronsonol for $5.99CAD/$4.45USD, each. Goo Gone for example is $11.99CAD, $8.92USD, for 237ml, or 8 fl oz, and does a considerably worse job. So you pay double for 31% less fluid, that does a shittier job and leaves a greasy oily residue behind. It also is considerably worse at removing paint, permanent marker, paint transfer, wax, ink and other things where lighter fluid just zips right through it.

Lighter fluid also penetrates stickers better and just doesn’t sit on top and do nothing. Also it evaporates quicker. So when you are done you can just blow on it and it will evaporate away like it was never there in the first place. No smearing or streaking oily residue around.I would say it easily works three times faster and is ten times easier to clean up and deal with at the end of the day.”


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