39 Out Of Touch Comments From Rich Bosses/Colleagues

39 Out Of Touch Comments From Rich Bosses/Colleagues


“I used to work in a cafeteria of a tech building. I was chatting with one of the lowest level staff about how bank cards had come out with tap option. He and I were both avoiding getting it added to our banking plans because the limit was $100 and we were worried about how easy it would be for someone to empty our accounts before we even knew our cards were missing.”

“We were both making minimum wage, living paycheck to paycheck and every penny was essential.

The CEO heard us talking and asked what about and I said, ‘Oh just about the new tap option and how the daily limit is $100 so we don’t want it for fear that someone could steal our money!’ And this guy laughed and said, ‘It’s only $100! That’s nothing!’ And HIS employee just looked annoyed and stayed quiet but I was not his employee so I said ‘$100 is more than either of us makes in a full day’s work and would be a huge loss, even if the bank was able to get us our money back within a week we would have to go without something, most likely food.’ And he looked at both of us and had the decency to look ashamed before he paid for his lunch and walked away.

He tipped a bit better after that, but I doubt his low level employees saw an extra penny! My friend who worked there didn’t last even a whole year.”


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