AITA Mother Lets Daughter Ride Pony To School

AITA Mother Lets Daughter Ride Pony To School

Some folks thought that the mother should’ve known better.

“Not an asshole for having horses or ‘showing off’ about them, but YTA for causing a circus at the school gates. Dropping the kids to school and trying to get work amongst all the terrible parking, traffic chaos, and general stress is horrible enough without navigating a crowd because someone brought a bloody pony along for the hell of it.”

INFO; did you really think other kids would not bat an eye?! Of course, they wanted to ride the pony.”


“Yeah, I don’t love the other parent’s reaction, but I can sympathize with getting your kid to school in the morning before going to work. Then, seeing your kid freak out because there’s a horse there and just being like, ‘Fuck, I don’t need this morning. Who brings a horse to school?'”


“THIS!!!! Like clearly, the other parent overreacted, but I think OP is a bit clueless. And to say ‘wearing riding clothes to pick up’ is the same thing as bringing a HORSE to pickup” is a bit much. I feel bad for the other mom, even though she clearly overstepped, and also bad for the teacher. That’s a lot to deal with for the start of the day.”


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