Eeva wants to replace your washer and dryer

I think we can all agree that doing laundry is one of the more miserable necessities of life. There isn’t much you can do to make the experience much better than it currently is. Startup Paradigm Evergreen isn’t as pessimistic as I am, and they want you to replace your washer and dryer with Eeva.

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  • Transport: Eeva is portable and easily fits wherever doing laundry is most convenient for you.
  • Setup: Using the latest technology, Eeva is easy to set up and use. Simply fill up the removable water canister, plug it into an electrical outlet, and Eeva is ready to do its thing! No water connection is needed.
  • Wash & Dry: Using autonomous cycle technology, Eeva first washes and dries your clothes in just 90 minutes. No need to switch loads!
  • Spin And Heat Dry: While other machines use a spin cycle that removes excess water but still leaves clothes considerably damp, Eeva uses spin and heat drying, so your laundry is ready to use straight from the machine.
  • Complete: Take out your clean clothes, and you’re all set!
  • Multiple Wash Settings: Handle any type of laundry with settings for regular, delicates, or heavy-duty wash settings.
  • Multiple Cycle Settings: In addition to the autonomous wash and dry cycle, choose between wash-only or dry-only cycles.

Eeva is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo with a special offer of $899.

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