Girls Incarcerated Season 2: Where Are They Now?

Girls Incarceated

Girls Incarcerated Young And Locked Up was a series premiered by Netflix documenting the lives of young teenage inmates of La Porte Juvenile Correctional Facility located in Indiana. The new concept of the series attracted the crowds as viewers felt some of these girls were wronged by the system. Some of these young inmates strived to do better and put their days behind bars in their past.

The concept of documenting the story of young girl inmates and the story from their past was unique and worth a watch for viewers. Some of these young mates are successful in putting their days in imprisonment behind them, while some fail to do so. Produced by Nick Rigg and David George, the series shed light on the flawed system of justice and its aftereffects.

The second season premiered on June 21, 2019, and emotionally moved the viewers of the series, leaving them questioning the flawed system. Several viewers demanded changes be made in the system to better the upcoming generations. The second season followed the journey of seven inmates Jesse Rose, Tiffany Kristler, Zarriah Thomas, Hannnah Aberegg, Carisa Hale, Carli Imel, and Harley Moody.

The series focused on young girls who were sent to juvenile correction centers due to a flawed system. Most of the girls locked up were for heinous crimes like robbery, murder, auto theft, etc., and their journey to becoming productive people in society was moving for the viewers. The girls in the series had the last chance to change before being institutionalized in the adult center.

A Still From Girls Incarcerated [Credits- Netflix]

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Girls Incarcerated Season 2 – Where Are The Girls Now

The journey of the young inmate girls was bound to have people hooked on the series, and that is what it exactly did. The series’ viewers got closure about the girls and where they are now, but it has left them wanting more. The curiosity of people about knowing where the inmates are will be solved today.

Jesse Rose

Jesse was featured on the series at 16, with three months left before the day she was supposed to be released. Jesse was the least favorite inmate among the other girls. She was hot-tempered and was always looking for drama. The other inmates felt Jesse had an attitude and wasn’t house-trained to behave in public. Jesse didn’t have any friends in the center, and some of the other featured inmates on the series stated she was the least favorite person in the facility.

Jesse felt she could do anything and was ready to fight against anyone at any time. Jesse had a traumatic childhood with her dad being locked up by the time she turned seven and her taking out the anger she felt for her dad on her mom. During the series, Jesse stated she knew she was going to be in jail. After her father’s imprisonment, Jesse got into the wrong crowd and was charged with possession of drugs, auto theft, and robbery. Jesse also opened up about beating a teacher before she entered the center.

Girls Incarceated
Jesse Rose From Incarceated [Credits-Netflix]

Jesses admitted to following the rules to get out of the center, and she won’t change, most probably. With the background out of the way, Jesse was released from the juvenile center and applied to an Ivy Tech Community College. Jesse got accepted into the college, and she did go there for a while. As of recently, Jesse is again in the system for unknown charges. The news of her being a part of the system was shared by Chase, her cousin, through Instagram. Since her release from the juvenile center, Jesse hasn’t been active on social media.

Hannah Aberegg

Hannah was featured on the series at 18, with three months left before the day she was supposed to be released. Hannah was fun but had a hint of attitude and a hot temper to her. Hannah got arrested seven different times, and she was worried to be having a record on her for life if she committed a crime after leaving the facility as she was about to turn 18. Hannah’s backstory is the one that broke several hearts as she always had to fend for herself and her brother.

Hannah was also a part of the group home after her mother walked out on her and their family, and her father was always busy at work. To cope with the traumatic experiences of her life, Hannah began doing drugs and parties at 13 as she felt everything was fine at the moment. Her trauma didn’t end there. Hannah got beat up and gang-raped at 16, and it forced her to run away from the group home. She started working as a prostitute[sex worker], which led to her getting incarcerated for criminal mischief, battery of a police officer, and possession of drugs.

Girls Incarceated
Hannah From Girls Incarcerated [Credits- Netflix]

Hannah was trying to strive to be a better person and wished to have a better relationship with her parents. With the backstory out of the way, After her release from the center, Hannah overdosed on drugs, but miraculously she survived. She saw this as a sign from God to change for the better, and she got a job at a fast food joint, and at the same time, she was working towards pursuing her degree in nursing.

Hannah is also a mother to a beautiful baby boy and is engaged to Dominic Brown. She does continue to struggle to maintain her sobriety, and she has her freedom as of today.

Leeaeira Stokes

Leeaeira Stokes was featured on the series at 17, with two weeks remaining until the day she was supposed to be released. Lee had an intimidating personality and was short-tempered. She would lose her cool quickly, and she was often seen bickering with her prison mates. Other inmates were scared of her as she was volatile and blut in her way. Leeaeria had a happy childhood with two loving parents till the time she turned five. Stokes began to get in trouble after she turned 13 and was diagnosed with Intermittent Personality Disorder.

Stokes and Rose were dating during the series. Stokes would either blow up, or she would end up crying. She felt like a black sheep in the family as she was compared to her brothers, and her mother gave up on her. Stokes was arrested because of her, as one day, after a fight between them, She hit her dad on the head with a vase, and her dad got on top of her and tried to block her from escaping. Stokes was charged with battery, and she did change a lot during her time in La Porte.

Now onto where she is now. She and Rose went their separate way after the series ended, and they were released from the center. She has managed to turn her life around, and now she has a YouTube channel. There is no further information about Lee and what she is doing, but through her YouTube channel, you’ll see she is a changed person.

Carisa Hale

Carisa Hale was featured on the series at 17, with 17 days remaining till the day she was supposed to be released. Carisa had a red band privilege that was only given to inmates with high honor and low chances of flight risk. Carisa was sweet and one of the few inmates who had a fun personality. Carisa had a hilarious, mature, and bubbly personality when she was sober. Carisa was loved by her inmates as she was always smiling and hardworking.

Girls Incarceated
Carisa Hale from Incarcerated [Credits- Netflix]

Other inmates looked up to her, and she felt the center helped her a lot from spiraling down the dark hole. Carisa’s parents were in an on-and-off relationship, but she was close to her dad. Carisa’s life took a turn when she lost her dad at 11, and she would cry to the point she would pass out after losing her father. The loss of her father led Carisa to drugs, and she started to struggle with addiction. Carisa started believing in God and would confess to him about her problems, and this made her feel like she didn’t want this for her future. She was released in only four months due to her maturity.

Now as to what she is doing now. After her release, Carisa was again arrested on the grounds of domestic battery and had a bond of $600, and the case went nowhere. As of today, Carisa lives a calm, sober life in Crawsforsville. Carisa has a beautiful son who is four years old, and she lives with her partner. Carisa also has a full-time job at Ken’s Food, and her relationship with her mother did improve for a while.

Tiffany Kristler

Tiffany Kristler was featured on the series at 16, with five months remaining from the day of her supposed release. Tiffany was someone who pretended to be happy, and she didn’t like being told what she could do. Tiffany was a troublemaker with attitude problems. Tiffany had a traumatic childhood as she grew up with two parents who were always fighting and did get divorced after a while.

Girld Incarceated
Tiffany From Girls’ Incarcerated [Credits- Netflix]

Her dad spent some days in prison following the divorce, and she started hanging out with the wrong crowd. To cope with her trauma, Tiffany began taking drugs and had an 11-month daughter. Tiffany was arrested on the grounds of going on an armed robbery spree with the father of her child.

Tiffany was released from the facility in 2018. Tiffany was on parole till 2019, and it ended on a good term for her. As of what she is up to now, Tiffany is reunited with her daughter. She has been living an honest life and has welcomed another baby girl into her family. Currently, Tiffany works at Aeropostale and hasn’t had any run-ins with the law.

Arianna Davis

Arianna Davis was featured in the series at 16, with four months remaining till the day of her supposed release. Her inmates called her bad and bougie, and she was an influential personality in the center with good and bad traits in her. Davis didn’t have a role model and was traumatized by her mother’s choice to be in an abusive relationship.

Girls Incarceated
Arionna From Incarcerated [Credits – Netflix]

Davis was sent to the facility for armed robbery and was released from La Porte, and she was re-committed to the center during the second season for defying her parole. She was released and got her third snit after filming the second season. There is not much information available on Davis as she has been keeping away from social media.

Carli Imel

Carli Imel featured in the series at 15, with four months left for the day she was supposed to be released. She was known as the small dynamite for her temper in the center. Her inmates found her to be fun, and it was overall nice being around her. Imel comes from a family that struggles with addiction, and she stated she hasn’t been on a date ever. Imel didn’t get a chance to do what teenagers do as she started inhaling weed at nine and liked the feeling after that.

Girls Incarceated
Imel From Incarcerated [Credits- Netflix]

Imel started to struggle with meth addiction. She got sent to La Porte for grand theft auto, and she stated she liked the adrenaline rush from this. She didn’t have a positive influence in life and had a cousin with her in La Porte. After being released from the center, it didn’t do much for her, and her life didn’t take a turn for good.

Carli has continued to have her fair share of criminal problems. Imel has a son and got arrested in 2021 for public intoxication and marijuana possession. Imel got charged with domestic battery and drug possession in 2022.

Harley Moody

Harley featured on the series at 17, with four months left from the day she was supposed to be released. She was Carli’s older cousin’s sister. She was striving to be a good role model for her younger cousin, sister Imel. Harley wasn’t able to be released at the time she was supposed to be.

Hayley has managed to turn her life around and stay away from unlawful activities. She lives in Greensburg now, close to her family, and works as a cleaning technician at Mpw Industrial Services. Harley has also welcomed two children of her own, who she posts on Instagram. She is striving hard to build a better future for her family,

Zarriah Thomas

Zarriah was the youngest inmate at the time the series was filmed. She featured in the series at 14, with four months left from the day of her supposed release. Zarriah was a sweet individual with a fun personality. Zarriah was in the center of a fight that went too far due to the trauma of her mother walking out on her. Zarriah was arrested for the second time after her release for defying her parole.

Thomas was released in 2020, and she moved in with her grandmother. Zarriah started to rebuild a relationship with her mother after her release from prison. She graduated from high school, and she has graduated from an Ivy Tech Community College. She has stayed away from trouble since her release from the center.

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