Heartwarming Stories of Trust in Relationships Will Bring Tears

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“Six weeks into dating my husband, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I told him that he wasn’t obligated to stick around and it would make things easier if he walked away now so I didn’t depend on him to be my support during my dad’s treatment and then walk away when it got to be too much for him. I REALLY liked him but given the circumstances, I figured it would be easier to just cut our losses. We’d only been together six weeks, it wasn’t like this was his father-in-law — I thought I was being helpful.”

“His response? ‘No.’ I said, ‘I want you to think about it.’ He said, ‘Okay…hmm *makes thinking face*…no.’

He was all in from the beginning, and he was willing to shoulder the burden of helping my family as my dad was in treatment and recovery. There was ZERO hesitation on his part. I figured anyone who was that committed to something so serious so early was worth my trust. And now my dad IS his father-in-law, so it all worked out.”

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