Here’s How 19 People Managed To Buy A Home

Here's How 19 People Managed To Buy A Home


“My secret recipe: Being born at the right time.”

“One year out of college in 1993 I bought a condo for $76K on a $24K salary job I’d had for six months, put $7K down.

That same condo is $350K now, which would make the monthly payment about $2,300 on a $280K mortgage when including P&I, HOA, RE taxes, and insurance. Add another $100/mo or whatever PMI would cost if you didn’t have the $70K down.

I don’t know how people do it these days.

My father’s house story is even more ridiculous. Bought a 2,500 Sq ft ranch-style block home in Tempe, in 1970, for $23K. That was on a $12K salary with my mother staying at home to raise us. Also 2 cars in the garage. That house is valued at $615K now.” —u/rumblepony247

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