I Tried The Viral Scalp Massage That’s Trending On TikTok

I Tried The Viral Scalp Massage That's Trending On TikTok

The hair stylist was definitely going for a straight-hair look, but my waves were definitely trying to come through, LOL. 

It’s difficult to tell from photos alone, but my hair remained soft and shiny until my next hair wash day — which was four days later! Typically, I have maybe a day and a half until my hair starts lookin’ greasy, so after this treatment, I knew my scalp was CLEAN.  I was most impressed by how good my hair still looked even after tying it up and sleeping with it. It was a noticeable difference, and people were actually complimenting me, saying how healthy my hair looked! Oh yeah, and there was not a scalp flake in sight for the remainder of the week. Even now, after a couple hair washes have passed, my scalp isn’t as flaky! 

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