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In this era of modern technology, business application is a must since it provides us the base to elevate our business to an amazing extent. As far as business management is concerned, smartphones have become the basic necessity that helps us in managing things just by the help of finger clicks. There several platforms for the development of mobile applications but two of the major names that have been in the limelight over the last decade. Being a famed tech entity, surely you have heard a lot about them. Yeah, you got it right, they are Android and iOS, both have proved their existence for being the best in delivering the quality that user always look for.  But the scenario is not much handy for the users, often a business owner falls in a dilemma while choosing a platform for application development. Which one of these should be selected, Android or iOS? If you too got stuck in such a scenario, by the end of this context, your doubts would be clear as we are going to shed up

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