Millennials Are Sharing Why They Don’t Want To Have Kids


“I’m almost 42 and no kids. I have two dogs that are my children. I have a niece who’s almost 13, and I enjoy being an aunt. The state of the world would be too much for me, I worry what type of world my niece will have as an adult.”


“I don’t have to worry about what life will be like for my cats, dog, and horse. I can make sure they are provided for and treated better than probably 90% of the world’s children. They have high-quality food, the best medical care, luxury bedding, never any insecurity, a good, caring family, and good social connections (yes, even my cat loves visiting extended family and her dog cousins).

I’m 36 and my husband had a vasectomy. We’re also dealing with declining parents and have no idea how people deal with kids and parents at the same time.”


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