Millennials Debate: Is $100k Still Enough?

Millennials Debate: Is $100k Still Enough?

“It depends on where you live as well. $100k in NYC or San Francisco is not amazing but in the middle of Alabama? Pretty decent. Also, it depends on your spending and saving levels. If you earn $100k and spend $110k on POG collectibles, you aren’t going to be getting ahead financially, either.”


“Pretty decent in the middle of Alabama, but 30 years ago, if you made $100,000, you could have a family of five, new cars every few years, expensive family vacations winter twice a year.

We recently crossed the threshold to over $100k, and while we have a decent life, there aren’t several thousand dollars to spend on a vacation. We can’t afford new cars. We’re stressed out about affording a single child.”


“Yeah, I’m in a high-cost-of-living area and $100k is what you need to get by and not be sideswiped by an emergency. A friend and his wife make a combined $250k and do really well for themselves.”


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