Teachers Are Opening Up About Their Nightmare Students

Teachers Are Opening Up About Their Nightmare Students


“In my first year of teaching, I took over for a beloved teacher who retired. The senior class decided that they hated me simply for existing, so a couple of the leaders in the class made it their life’s work to get me fired. The head girl held weekly meetings at her house where they would get together and try to come up with stories about me so that they could cast doubt on my teaching abilities.”

“She got a few parents to make an Open Records request for my CV because ‘there was no way someone my age (36 at the time) could have done all of the educational stuff he says he has.’ 

She got her parents to complain to the administration that I had ruined her chances to get into her top Ivy League school because I wouldn’t allow her to do whatever she wanted. The daughter had to ‘settle for that school in Connecticut’ instead. 

At the end of the year, I wished all of the senior class the best of luck when they get out into the world, and the young lady and her parents stood up and objected loudly to me giving an encouraging speech, stating that I had been such a terrible person all year. 

I let them get it all out, and then I invited them to either stick around for the awards or leave and let us all enjoy the evening. Kids (and their parents) make people not want to teach anymore.”

—Anonymous, 43, Texas

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