We Asked People For Their Worst Online Dating Catfish Stories And They Did Not Disappoint

We Asked People For Their Worst Online Dating Catfish Stories And They Did Not Disappoint

“I met up with a guy whose picture was kind of enigmatic — arty, half-light, half-shadow — and what you learn about that is, it’s never good. He was very strange-looking, in a way that maybe needed medical attention. I called a friend to come meet me out at the bar and pretend we ran into each other and desperately needed to catch up.” ― Virginia Jones, a comedian and the host of the podcast “My Sister’s a Therapist”

The Little Liar 

“I just want to say right out of the gate, I’m not a height queen. His profile showed an athletic, fitness-driven, optimizer-of-photo-angles, responsible dad of two children who are at an age where they no longer need to live in the home (optimal sitch). He had hats on in every photo, so I did wonder if he had hair. He also said he was 5-foot-10, which in man math equates to 5-foot-7 or 5-foot-8. But otherwise, he looked good.

“We met at his country club in the restaurant and he didn’t stand at my entrance, which I thought was odd. He also had very small shoulders.

“The main problem was, he started spewing out information at me like he was the director of the Jan. 6 [2021] riots and was looking to bring on new recruits. While I was waiting for him to take a breath to let him know that maybe we had a difference in political affiliations, a waitress came by who had just come on shift, and seemed quite friendly with my date. He stood up to say hello, and he maxed out at 5 feet flat, tops 5-foot-2. He finished his hello with the waitress and I stood up to leave. He said, ‘Oh, you don’t go out with short guys.’ I said: ’No, I go out with all heights. I don’t go out with liars.’ Then I bopped him on the head and got out of there.” ― Mara Marek, a comedian and the host of the podcast “It’s a Maravelous Life”

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