What Everyone Wants To Know About Sex But Fears To Ask

What Everyone Wants To Know About Sex But Fears To Ask

Sex educator Francisco Ramirez often gets questions from people wanting to know if their masturbation habits are “normal.” He assures them that any frequency — whether it’s often, occasional or almost never — is OK. 

“Unfortunately, long-standing shame around masturbation has led many of us to be somewhat skeptical, or uncomfortable, about masturbation, especially frequent masturbation or instances where solo sex is more common than partnered sex,” he said. “But there’s nothing wrong with masturbating multiple times a day.”

The caveat, however, is if your masturbation habits have begun to interfere with your day-to-day life: your relationships, your job or other responsibilities. If that’s the case, then it could be an issue worth addressing.   

“But otherwise, it shouldn’t be a problem,” Ramirez added. “Besides feeling good, masturbation can improve our sleep, decrease our stress levels, relieve our menstrual cramps and enlighten us with unique insights into what feels pleasurable to each of us.” 

3. “Will my vibrator desensitize me?”

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