What Happened to Bill Burr in Philadelphia? Bill’s Anger And Monologue

The 54-year-old American stand-up comedian, podcaster, filmmaker, and actor is known for writing and acting in his stand-up comedy specials like Paper Tiger, Walk Your Way Out, and more. Notably, he appeared in The Mandalorian as Migs Mayfield in 2019. You must have also heard Bill Burr’s voice for the lead character in ‘F Is For Family,’ the Netflix animated sitcom created and co-written by Bill. The series got aired from 2015 to 2021.

According to Bill’s fans, he mentions how pissed off he is in his daily life, entertainingly complaining about his job. Several celebrities get trolled and insulted by the crowd. However, Bill did not stay silent. He answered the people through his 12-minute monologue (not scripted) in the well-known ‘Philadelphia Incident.’

The incident occurred in Philadelphia during the Traveling Virus Comedy Tour hosted by Anthony Cumia and Gregg ‘Oppie’ Hughes. The tours took place in 2006, 2007, and 2008, but the first tour occurred in 2006 and proved notable in Bill’s career.

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Bill Burr’s Monologue At Philadelphia

Bill Burr went to Philadelphia in the name of the Traveling Virus Comedy Tour. Dom Irrera, who performed on the stage before Bill, got interrupted and abused by the crowd. Bill was the next. However, he delivered a 12-minute-long monologue and did not let the people dominate him.

On the one hand, he talked about the city, related icons, sports, and food. On the other hand, the audience kept abusing him. However, he went offensive, kept hammering them, and did not let the crowd dominate him. Slowly, people started getting to his side. Bill counted every minute of the monologue. He nailed it. Thus, he earned the respect of most audiences and other comedians.

Bill In The Travelling Virus Tour In 2006 (Left) And Bill Talks About The Incident (Right) (Credit: Healthy Celeb, The Hollywood Reporter)

Coming to the monologue, Bill cursed the people (he was probably joking) to suffer from heart disease, cancer, and bone marrow cancer. He would laugh if they shaved their heads due to cancer or even got fired from jobs because none would notice.

For the first eight minutes, he talked about the bridge, the icons, their education, the soccer team, race, looks, and more, and every sentence had the F-word. It is better not to include more bad words here. An off-stage person interjected during the last three minutes, and Bill dominated him too. At the end of the 12 minutes, Bill bid goodbye by thanking, cursing, and showing hatred towards them. Fortunately, these things remained only till words.

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Bill Burr’s Explanation For The Act

Bill used to feel uncomfortable with good-hearted people. Instead, he found idiots familiar as he came up as the one according to his confession in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. However, he values his peers’ thoughts and likes to win their hearts.

According to Bill, he must not get judged by a single incident because he took 50 years to know himself. He did not rise through overnight success. Instead, he had to struggle for years. Initially, he used to work clean and was afraid of getting thrashed by the crowd if he annoyed them.

Bill picked the aggressive comedy style from the Boston Comedy scene. He fell short of money over the years. He had a wife and children, but he was not supposed to due to the shortage of money. It led him to depression and anger. However, he transformed himself later and started speaking whatever he found funny.

Bill Talks About The Incident Of Philadelphia
Bill Talks About The Incident Of Philadelphia (Credit: Scraps From The Loft)

Coming to the incident in Philadelphia, Bill confessed to Philly Voice that he got annoyed that day. It was one of the great comedy line-ups, and the comedians had a lot to present. But the stupid crowd of 10,000 kept mocking them instead of appreciating them.

Bill has always been a defensive and angry dude, and the crowd added to his anger. Rest is history. However, he began feeling bad for his words a decade after the incident. He did not want to appear in the show that day. But, it is his fault to get down at the same level the crowd did.

Bill admitted that he was not a professional. So, he put oil in the fire and increased the negativity instead of focusing on the reason for his presence in the show. Bill knows about Philadelphia’s nature of booing. However, he regrets the act and still has respect for the city.

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