What Happened To Yucko The Clown? Explained

Yucko The Clown is one of the well-known figures in Hollywood, he has been known over the years for the kind of work that he does, but with the recent flux of social media, people want to know what happened to Yucko The Clown and all the things related to him.

Therefore this article will give you a brief regarding what exactly happened to Yucko The Clown, Who is exactly the man behind it, and what is the possible net worth of the clown, which everyone around the internet is passionately searching for.

Yucko The Clown is a comedian and entertainer famously known for his offensive jokes and sarcastic language to make people laugh. His humor style is a bit more offensive, which leads the comedian in trouble most of the time. 

So far, the comedian has a good follower base who love to consume the content that he makes overall on social media. However, he is still in the present and always finds a way to intentionally make a statement on some burning trendy topic.

Let us take a look at this article in order to get some greater details regarding Yucko The Clown.

Yucko The Clown, Credits: Looper

What Happened To Yucko The Clown?

Yucko The Clown is a very controversial comedian. His style of humor is very offensive, which leads to the comedian mostly being in trouble. But the very controversial moment in his career was when he had his early 2000s appearances on the show ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ where he showcased his comedy style.

But over the years, his comedy went from a little vulgar to purely offensive and abusive towards certain sections of people. He was even criticized and slammed over the internet for his offensive and harsh comedy over women.

And thus, over the years, he has been accused of being racist and sexist and using homophobic hatred jokes in his comedic style, which has not only upset his fans but the community as a whole also facing intensive backlash from the media as well.

Moreover, this is not the end of the story. He continues to post his irrelevant humor and also interacts with fans which are considered very gross thus, it does not look like he will be retiring to move on to other projects any time soon.

what happened to yucko the clown

Yucko The Clown, Credits: Deadline

What is the name behind Yucko The Clown?

The name behind Yucko, The Clown, is Roger Black. Being born and brought up in New Jersey, he initially started his career as a comedian in the early 2000s when he began making appearances on the very popular radio program show called ‘The Howard Stern Show.’

During his time on the show, he gained immense popularity with the vulgar jokes that he made engaging in irrelevant humor. He even was involved in prank calls through which he gained a good reputation. Also, his interaction with the show’s guests and hosts led to him developing a very larger fanbase.

Thus in 2003, he landed his television show on the cable network called Fuse. The show was called Yuko the Clown’s Insult Circus, which featured Yuko performing stand-up comedy with also engaging in various stunts and pranks. The show then ran for two seasons, also gaining a large amount of audience attention.

However, amidst all of this, Yuko’s comedic style is considered very irrelevant, filled with abusive statements, with much of it revolving around taboo subjects like sex and drugs. Despite all of this, he has still made a very large fan base who love the way he abuses communities and passes jokes based on flashy topics.

He is still currently active on social media, where he passionately shares all of his comedic sense of gross style, thus interacting with his fans and also using the platform to promote his shows and programs.

Yucko The Clown’s Net Worth, Explained

Roger Black, who is the man behind the very abusive stand-up comedian, has a total net worth of $1.7 million. Because he has worked with a lot many television networks and crafted his show after getting immense popularity, his net worth is significant in terms of the work that he has done.

Moreover, he also does brand deals with some of the various famous brands within the space, which also accelerates his income hugely.

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