Wife Hides $47,000 Rainy Day Fund From Struggling Husband

As you may expect, most people had very strong and very unsympathetic reactions to Traditional’s post. Like user TheLadyIsabelle explained, the issue was not necessarily that she put money away for a rainy day…

“You said, ‘My mother came to me privately and talked about setting aside money as a rainy day/escape fund if worst came to worst.’ That’s smart…But then said, ‘He currently is working two full time jobs and Ubers on his off days to keep us afloat…My husband came home exhausted one night and asked about downsizing because the stress of work was going to kill him.’ Sooooo, this is where you lost my sympathy, personally. You have more than enough money for a personal emergency fund. You could have put a pause on your personal withdrawals for the past two years. He almost fucking DIED!

And your mom… Why would you bail now??? He’s done nothing but support you both. Why haven’t you BEEN working, if you were so concerned about your escape fund? You don’t even have children!!”

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