Women Who Had Children After 35 Share Their Experiences

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“I’m pregnant now, at 39, with my first child. We started trying when I was 37. We tried for 18 months with no success — not even a chemical pregnancy. I ended up being diagnosed with unexplained infertility with a likely tubal factor. I had no reason to suspect this because I was at a healthy weight with really regular cycles and no endometriosis or PCOS.”

I figured things would work out fine, but they did not. We ultimately had to go the route of IVF to get where we are now, over two years from when we first thought we would conceive. I wish I would have known sooner that I would struggle with fertility because I would have loved to have him sooner. The window for a second child is now way tighter and more tricky/urgent for us, thanks to the unexpected two-year delay. My advice for you is to see a fertility specialist and get your AMH, FSH, and AFC numbers tested now to understand where you are with regard to ovarian reserve and estimated fertility. If you have a partner you plan to reproduce with, have him tested as well. The sooner you know if there’s a potential issue, the better your decision-making will be.”


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