21 Terrifying “Trust Your Gut” Moments People Have Had

21 Terrifying "Trust Your Gut" Moments People Have Had


“In the days of MySpace, a girl I knew through high school extracurriculars posted a vague warning about an active-duty sailor she met online who seemed normal but suddenly wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I messaged her to ask if she was okay, and she told me his name, warning me not to engage with him if he tried to contact me. She then mentioned how she had been deleting some of her pics and profile details because she honestly thought he might try to show up where she worked or even at our shared after-school activity.”

“Literally, the following week, I had shown up for said extracurricular and was in the process of setting up with a few other people. The girl was in the restroom down a long, dark, isolated hall far from the primary entryway. 

Out of nowhere, a guy who looked high school-ish in the face and build (and could fit in with us only in that sense) but who I had never seen before showed up and began looking around as if he knew the place and knew what he was after. I was used to other kids around my age dropping by to visit us out of curiosity, but they would normally just stand around awkwardly until we approached. 

The guy’s level of focus struck me as extremely disconcerting, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to tell the girl first and any nearby adult. Because I felt so weirded out, I already knew I didn’t want to talk to him, so I looked at the sign-in sheet at the entryway. He was the creeper the girl told me about.

As soon as I knew he couldn’t notice where I was headed, I booked it down the hall toward the women’s restroom, where I found the girl and told her what I saw and how I knew it was him. She started crying uncontrollably, and I told her to lock the door and that I was going to tell the adults in charge as soon as I could find them. 

I then found two of the adults and told them what I saw and knew of the situation: the guy in question was literally just in the other room, and the girl had already locked herself in the bathroom. I was only 15; I don’t know how I stayed so calm. The adults kicked right into action, escorted the guy off the premises, and filed a police report.”


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