25+ Best Black & White PowerPoint Presentations

25+ Best Black & White PowerPoint Presentations

The black-and-white color scheme is commonly recognized as a symbol of power, sophistication, and elegance. If you want your PowerPoint presentation to embody the same qualities, you can’t go wrong with a black-and-white PowerPoint template.

As the author, Vikram Verma once said, “black and white is a mix of toughest simplicity and easiest complexity.” There’s something so complex and beautiful about the simplicity of black-and-white designs. That’s why it’s still being implemented in various designs, including PowerPoint presentations.

Today, we bring you a collection of elegant and stylish PowerPoint templates with black and white designs. These are perfect for showcasing high-end brands, discussing sophisticated topics, and delivering impactful talks.

Let’s dive in and have a look.

BHAIQUE - Black and White Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint template will allow you to add the popular “dark mode” color theme to your presentations. It features a black and dark design that uses white typography and highlights to create high contrast between the elements. The template has 30 different slides that are ideal for both professional and creative projects.

Creative Black White Marketing PowerPoint Template

This black-and-white PowerPoint template is more like the opposite version of the previous template. Instead of using more black, this template uses more white. And it creates a smooth and minimal layout for each slide to effectively showcase your content. The template features 25 unique slides with fully customizable objects.

Monolight - Black and White Powerpoint Template

Monolight is a beautiful black-and-white PowerPoint template that comes with a set of multipurpose slide designs. You can use it to make portfolios, lookbooks, business profiles, and so much more. The template has 30 unique slides that are available in 5 different colors. It comes in Google Slides and Keynote formats too.

Black White Company Profile PowerPoint Template

The black and white theme is perfect for showcasing high-end and luxury brands. Use this template to create a killer company profile slideshow for your business presentations. The template includes 30 different slides with editable graphics, icon packs, data charts, and so much more.

BLUE-R - Creative PowerPoint Template Blue and White

We wanted to add this template into the mix for two reasons. One, the blue and white color design makes each of its slides look amazing. Two, it’s the perfect color combination for business presentations. There are lots of professional and stylish slides included in this template. Be sure to edit and customize them to your preference. You can even change that blue color into black.

Metamorphosis Business Plan Free Black & White PPT

You can download this beautiful black-and-white presentation for completely free. It features a stylishly modern design filled with visual elements. There are 37 different slides in this free PPT template.

Free Korean Style Black and White PowerPoint Template

Another free black-and-white PowerPoint template with a smooth minimalist design. This template is most suitable for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle presentations. It comes with 25 unique slide layouts.

Dimness - Black and White Portfolio PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is made with photographers and designers in mind. It features a bold and unique design that allows you to highlight your work above all else. The black and white design accentuates your photos and designs on each slide. And it offers a mixed minimal and sophisticated look for the presentation.

Blackdeck - Black and White Powerpoint Template

You can use this black-and-white PowerPoint template to craft an impactful pitch deck for presenting your ideas, concepts, and startups powerfully. It has 40 unique slides with easily editable shapes, objects, and typography. You can also change the images and colors however you like.

Creative Business PowerPoint Template Black Blue

If you’re open to adding just a little bit of color to your black-and-white presentation, this PowerPoint template is for you. It features a modern B&W slide design with the color blue used for accents and highlights. It’s perfect for bold business presentations. The template includes 25 different slides.

Minimalist Black White PowerPoint Portfolio PPT

Going for a minimalist look with your slideshow? Then give this template a try. It’s made for designing photography portfolios and lookbooks. The template has 25 unique slides with many different styles of slides to showcase your work. It includes a collection of 400 icons and editable vector graphics too.

Cygni - Black and Gold PowerPoint Template

If you want to add a more luxurious look to your black-and-white presentation, try adding a bit of gold to the mix. This PowerPoint template does it perfectly with its black, white, and gold color scheme. It’s most suitable for showcasing high-end and luxury products. There are more than 50 slides included in this template.

Project Proposal Free Black and White PPT

Another cool black-and-white PowerPoint template for you to download. This one is also free to use. It comes with 25 different slides with fully customizable layouts. The template is available in Google Slides format too.

Free Minimalist Marketing Plan B&W PowerPoint Template

You can use this PowerPoint template to create a minimalist marketing plan presentation on a budget. It’s free to download. You can edit each slide to add colors or change fonts. The template has 31 unique slides.

Studio Minimal - Black and White Presentation Template

This is one of the most beautiful PowerPoint templates on our list with a black and white design. It features an aesthetic look that offers the perfect vibe for showcasing an agency, startup, or design studio. The template includes 120 unique slides. And it comes in both animated and non-animated versions.

Gelap - Pitchdeck Powerpoint Black & White Template

You can use this PowerPoint template to design an elegant pitch deck to present your startup and ideas to investors. It has a bold design featuring a high black color theme. There are 20 unique slides in the template and it uses free fonts as well.

Mono - Lookbook Black and White Powerpoint Template

Mono is a modern PowerPoint template with a black-and-white color scheme. This template uses lots of visual elements and images to create better engagement across the slideshow. It comes in 6 different color schemes and you can easily edit and change the colors to your preference too.

The X Note - Multipurpose Black and White Powerpoint Template

This is a multipurpose PowerPoint template that comes with a bold and stylish design. It includes more than 40 unique slides with 4 different color schemes to choose from. The template also has device mockups, editable graphics, charts, icons, and more. You can also pick between light and dark themes.

Hipster - Black And White Powerpoint Template

You can use this PowerPoint template to design a more trendy and hipster-style slideshow for modern business presentations. The template features 32 unique slides with bold content layouts. Each slide also has image placeholders with cool effects. You can replace those images with just a few clicks.

Free Black and White PowerPoint Pitch Deck Template

While this free PowerPoint template is made for pitching horror and mystery movies, you can easily customize it to create pitch decks for various other topics. It includes over 30 slides with black and white designs.

Colorless Design - Free Black and White PowerPoint Template

Colorless is the theme of this presentation template and it includes a bunch of slides with multipurpose layouts. It includes 35 unique slides to be exact. And they all have bold and beautiful looks.

Modern Black Gray Company Profile Presentation PPT

If you want to use a slightly different style of black and white in your presentation, use this template. It features a creative black and gray color scheme that offers a modern look for business and professional slideshows. There are 30 unique slides in the template.

Creative White Gray PowerPoint Template

This template features a cool and minimalist slide design featuring a white and gray color scheme. It has 25 different slides that you can easily customize to your preference. The slides have editable shapes, fonts, and color options too.

Microlens - B&W PowerPoint Template for Photography

Microlens is a PowerPoint template designed for photography portfolio presentations. It includes 30 slides that have been crafted to highlight and showcase your photos professionally. It’s suitable for fashion and design presentations as well.

Business PowerPoint Template Blue and White

Another modern PowerPoint template featuring a blue and white color theme. This template is great for making all kinds of business presentations. It lets you choose from 25 different slides with business-themed designs.

Black White PowerPoint Infographic Slides

This PowerPoint template features a collection of infographic slides made in black-and-white color schemes. These are ideal for various business, marketing, and sales presentations. There are 70 different slides in this template.

KOPA - Creative Black and White PowerPoint Template

You can use this black-and-white PowerPoint template to make both business and creative presentations. It has over 80 unique slides with editable shapes, colors, and typography. You’ll get lots of charts and infographics with the template too.

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