26 Bizarre Kitchen Habits People Have Witnessed

26 Bizarre Kitchen Habits People Have Witnessed


“Growing up, I used to go to this one friend’s house almost every day after school. This was a middle-class family who made a decent amount of money. Her parents let us have however much soda we wanted, but it was always the off-brand Coke ONLY that was stored in the garage. I live in the desert, so imagine walking home in 110 degrees in the summer and cracking a 90-degree coke. YUCK.”

“Finally I was like, ‘Yo, you have an ice machine in your fridge. Can we please have some ice?’ For the longest time she’d tell me, ‘No, my parents told me ice is too expensive.

Eventually, she let me use their precious ice but I had to drink from their red Solo cups which the entire family REUSED. Once they even flipped out on their maids because they threw away the dirty Solo cups. God, that house was so fucking weird.”


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